Top 7 Games Like Stardust Valley Worth The Hype

games like Stardust Valley

No doubt Stardust Valley is hell of a game having all the basic aspects kept in mind including fun and enjoyment. A person can easily spend hours playing it without any problem. This game has all the content with more appealing gameplay elements. However, every game has some golden time after which a user wants to switch over to a new one.

So, our team tried all the latest and similar games that can replace a game like Stardust Valley. The games mentioned are life simulating RPGs and farming simulations. Some of them has extra and twisted plot with unique features for every kind of player.

Note: “Not all the games are free nor paid in the below list and the prices are subject to change without prior declaration.”

List of top 7 games like Stardust Valley

#1 Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

When it comes to top games like Stardust Valley, the first name that comes to mind is Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. A user must have also played harvest moon game. The Trio of Town is a successor to that game with latest features including young and Inexperienced farmer plot having new avatars. When compared to Stardust Valley, this game is made to be played at a better pace with a lot of fun experience.

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#2 Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory 4 is a great blend of farming simulation and great set of RPG elements that places this game on the 2nd position. It is a unique game with a lot of huge improvements with the plot of a marriage system and the player is given the responsibility of a whole town. The user’s task is to maintain and manage it while attracting tourists to the town. Rune Factory 4 also offers some Zelds-like elements in which evil forces are to found near the dungeons and help people defeat them.

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#3 My Time at Portia

Just like Stardust Valley, this game offers a very delightful and an immersive experience in a world named at Portia where a player has to raise animals, grow the crops, restore a workshop to complete the commissions. At the beginning, this game is a bit confusing but as the players gets comfortable, it is great game to strategize and play. The inbuilt virtual players from the game can be befriended to get to the quest.

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#4 Fantasy Life

As the name recollects that the game would be about a fantasy leaded life in a virtual world. Fantasy life game offers a vast and a beautiful world to simulate and play with fun. It has great graphics that enhances the quality and overall gameplay that keeps a user stay excited to play this game. In this game, a user gets to choose which life to be played on basis of which the skills and enjoyment will be related.

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#5 Moonlighter

This is another Stardust Valley alternate if a player is a huge fan of roguelites. The main character in the game is Will, who is an adventurous shopkeeper doing the duties in the day time and complete all the hero fantasies at night. A person has to manage both of them efficiently and play the game. Sell goods collected in dungeon to the shop and do investments for profit.

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#6 Animal Crossing: New Leaf

What is the fun in playing just a farming game when there is an entire simulation available to play in this game? The plot begins with a mayor of a town who is responsible for turning the entire village I to a great tourist destination. One can add all the infrastructures like Town, bridges, public town halls, and many more landmarks. One can change lawns, standards and rules for the village.

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#7 Recettear

Last but not the least, we have Recettear which is another amazing simulation game that is perfect for anyone. It is an item shop’s tale which is very similar to other farming simulations. The main initial character is of a girl who is in charge of a shop and responsible for everything in the same. It is because of the father’s early and sudden death. Sometimes, dungeons are to be explored for items for the store, monsters are also there.

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