What are the industrial uses of chemical color toner?


The production of toner follows a process of mixing various compounds. These compounds include wax, iron oxide, carbon black, charge agent control and resin. The compounds are blended through high pressure coupled with high-level heat. During this process, the mixture is melted and shaped into flakes.

The flakes are then ground in an air jet mill which forms them into micro size particles. There is no use of heat during the grinding process to avoid lowering the quality or deforming the toner product. The shapes and sizes of the particles are important. The shape and size of the particles are used to distinguish between conventional and chemical particles

Understanding the Chemical Color Toner

The main function of chemical toners is printing documents and images. They are manufactured through controlled chemical reactions. The chemical color toner is spherical and is grown in layers to enable them to print accordingly. Therefore, images are printed more accurately.

The chemical color printer is mainly designed for color printing with demanding processes. On the other hand, the conventional toner has an irregular shape. The chemical laser toner tends to be smooth as well. But the conventional color toner is not smooth because of their irregular shape.

How the Chemical Color Toner Works?

The chemical color toners carry a uniform smooth spherical design. This design allows a more consistent and accurate printing of images. It’s easier for the spherically shaped particles to flow during the printing process. This results in better accuracy during the printing process.

Uniformity in the toner particles is also important because it allows them to flow and bond easily. Each of the particles contains industrial grade wax which melts when the chemical color toner bonds with the paper. This allows the printing of cleaner and more permanent images. Additionally, when the wax is melted, it ensures that the printing is quick and uniformly done.

For a manufacturing company, having these raw materials is important. The good thing is that they are readily available and usually supplied by several companies. To ensure that the toner manufacturing process is smooth you should make sure the supplier is trustworthy and reliable.

Some major printer toner companies have patented unique pigments for use in their toners. This means that some of these patented pigments are not available in all toners.  Some of these pigments are specially designed to deliver lifelike images.

Nowadays, the level of toner quality is so impressive that printers can achieve extensive color imprints, tones, and variations.

What Are The Industrial Uses Of Chemical Color Toners?

The industrial use of chemical color toners include:

  • Laser printing – this is industrial grade printing which requires the use of chemical laser toners
  • Photocopying – just the regular photocopying processes but done on an industrial level.
  • Digital printing – over the years, digital printing has become popular especially in bulk printing. It’s straightforward and easier than traditional printing.

All three printing applications utilize electrostatic printing technology. Through this process, chemical toner particles are charged by a point head component in an image receiver through a back electrode. The point head component is composed of a polymeric substrate that has an aperture that controls the electrode.

Meanwhile, the image receiver could be a sheet of paper. Since the electrostatic mechanism relies on the law of attractions each participant either takes up the negative and positive points. The black electrode takes up the role of the positive point as it attracts the negatively charged toner particles.

This process leads to the production of high-quality images depending on the toner used. Brother MFC-9130CW toner, for example, is one of the reliable toners that produces high-quality images.

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