Google Allo Vs Facebook messenger and WhatsApp

google allo

Technology has not only evolved and given us means and ways to communicate with the one who is far off. But also given us multiple options, Google Allo is just another one in the bucket list.


But the real question how many applications do we really require to chat? Multiple options are available then why do we need the new ones? do we?

Well, let us know what is the actual thing behind the Google Allo, To register to this application and using is very easy. All you have to download it and register it with your cell phone number and simply use it.

It has all the features like calling, chat and voice notes and video calling just like most of the other applications for that sake like Whatsapp and Facebook messenger.  A billion of users are using both of these applications already so what are the good reasons that they should switch to Google Allo?


There should be some pretty good reasons, don’t you think so?  Well

Let us know what is so Unique about the Google Allo and what is the USP they have to offer.

  • It combines the search engine and the machine in such a way that the application gives accurate results, just like Google.
  • You know what’s the best? Any user even while chatting can ask the Google assistant to search the restraints hotel and movies shows for them. Basically, there are two types of google assistants
  1. The one who is on normal chat.
  2. You can invoke the Google assistant in middle of the chat typing @google in the middle of the chat.
  • The Google assistant can even play a game with the user in the meanwhile, wow now this is something really unique!
  • Ever you came to a point where you didn’t know how to handle the chat? Or what you should reply to your crush? Or how do you make an excuse over a chat? Well, I am sure this feature of Google Allo is just like your friend next door and will help you to overcome all these problems. Google Allo even suggests the user of what to reply to the person.
  • Are you the one who looks to chat smart and use more of the stickers while chatting to express your feelings in a better way? Then good news! Google Allo also offers an extra variety of stickers which will help you to express all of your exact emotions.
  • Sacred of someone reading , chats? Want it to be private? And privacy looks don’t help you and on the top, you even forget to delete the chat? Well, Google Allo has just something that will surprise you! An Incognito Mode chat option with an end to end encryption facility and the chats even disappear after some part of the time. Isn’t it just wow?
  • The user is free to set the expiry time of each incognito mode chat, so as per as your wish now you can even delete the chat.
  • Google Allo even solves your problem and helps you to communicate even if you do not have internet you can send an offline message to the other user.

So these were some really unique features of the Allo application.

Now let us know about the drawbacks of the Google Allo.

  • Since there is no end to end encryption for the normal chat, all the chats of the user get saved in the Google assistant server. And is saved with them.
  • The Google Allo does not permit the user to share media files like other WhatsApp and facebook messenger applications.

Now let us highlight what are the incredible features of WhatsApp and  Facebook messenger.

  • One of the best feature of WhatsApp is the end to end encryption which offers complete security to the user, so just in case if the user deletes the chat then the chat data is gone forever.
  • New features will soon be updated by WhatsApp in which a user can access to his ban account even on the airline. Few-Time Back, Whatsapp was started to ban user for use third-party whatsapp mods like gbwhatsapp on their device.
  • Now let us know more about perks that Facebook messenger has to offer well for all the other applications a user need to have phone number verification, but with Facebook you can chat with anyone without the requirement of the number and can even make video calls using this application.
  • One of the advantage is that the user can even send request to the people to download the application without any charges and just in case you don’t need the application he/she can even cancel the request.

Ever thought these awesome applications which have a Billion users across the world will have any drawbacks? Is it shocking? Well, nothing can be perfect. Everything can have some drawbacks and following, are they-

  • According to the recent policy of the Whatsapp, they will be sharing their information with the Facebook ( Parent company).
  • There is no end to end encryption in the FACEBOOK messenger and the data is stored in the server of the company, so there is no complete privacy offered by the company.

The rating of the Google Allo on the Playstore is 4.2 and the rating is 4.4 of Whatsapp and Facebook messenger has 3.9 ratings on the playstore.

So this is all about Google Allo and how it is working in the market space of applications on Google Playstore and how well it works and just withing few days it has got a 4.2 ratings on the play store. And the crazy unique features are just eye catching.

Although whatsApp  and Facebook messenger are making a bomb having billion users , Google Allo will no longer take much time to have a good no of registered users too!  And with every update the Google Allo may even develop and become better and overcome all their drawbacks and may even offer some exciting features to their users.

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