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Have you bought Instapot? If yes, then congratulations. If you haven’t bought Instapot Pot yet, then go for it. You will be amazed by the kind of recipes you can make in an Instapot. With the help of an Instant Pot, you will be able to make a lot of recipes.

Before purchasing Instapot, please check the Instant Pot reviews and then purchase the cooker which suites your demand. In order to help you to make recipes, here, we will provide you a list of Best Apps for Instapot Recipes which you can find on your Apple’s App Store.

  1. Instant Pot app

The Instant Pop app is the official app from the Instant Pot Company. The app consists of more than 450+ tried and true recipes from the online community. All the recipes are selected by the Instant Pot team. Moreover, a featured recipe is highlighted daily.

Apart from this, the app consists of a lot of filters and categories. For all beginner’s, the app consists of “New User Tips” article, hence you can look at it anytime you want. The article provides you with important details about Instapot and also states short forms such as NPR (Natural Pressure Release) and much more.

When you browse various recipes, you can keep it in favorites to check it later. Here, recipes consist of a step-by-step process, hence you can make it efficiently. Thus, it is one of the best Instant Pot recipe app available on App Store.

  1. Paprika Recipe Manager 3

Paprika recipe manager is one of the best instant app available on the App Store. There are a wide number of Instapot recipes available online. However, this app stores all the recipes in an efficient manner for quick access. Also, the app consists of an inbuilt browser, hence you can search and add recipes instantly into the app.

In order to make things easier, you can also use Paprika Safari share extension to push all the recipe details from safari to Paprika app. The extension is amazing as it easily identifies what is an ingredient and what are paths in safari and later fetches only things important to Paprika.

The Paprika recipe manager is able to store more than thousands of recipe easily. The complete list of ingredients and directions is provided in a sleek format. Also, the app gives the option to add ingredients to the grocery list. If you are thinking to plan your meals, then app allows you to plan meals not only of the week but for the whole month.

  1. CopyMeThat

If you are looking for a free app, then go with CopyMeThat, it is one of the best alternatives when compared with Paprika Recipe Manager.

In order to use the app, you have to create an account on the app. The app also gives an option to sign up using Facebook, hence you can use it easily.

CopyMeThat’s safari extension is simple to use, and app notifies you as soon as you sign in. The app allows you to add recipes directly from any website to the app using the extension.

As soon as you start using CopyMeThat, you will notice that the app allows syncing the recipes with all the devices easily. By this, you will never run out of a recipe. You can organize all the recipe using tags or search.

CopyMeThat also allows to plans meals before. Hence you can plan meals easily for the whole family. Also, you can add ingredients in the built-in grocery list, so that you don’t run out of things at the last moment.

CopyMeThat is free along with in-app purchases. The app charges $12.50 for 1-year premium membership and $25 for a lifetime membership. In premium membership, you will get more shopping lists, recipe scaling, etc.

CopyMeThat is one of the best instant app available on the App Store with 4.5 ratings.

  1. Mealthy

Mealthy is a new app available for Instant Pot Recipes. The app is not only useful for Instant Pot Owners but also regular kitchen recipes too. The company sells its own multi-functional pressure cooker known as “Multi Pot”. However, you simply use your pressure cooker and Instant Pot to cook particular recipes.

Mealthy provides a wide number of categories. Out of which, “Ready in 30” recipes are popular, all the recipes in this category can be made in just 30 minutes. Various other popular categories include “One Pot or Pan”, “Weeknights” or “Pressure Cooker”, etc.

If you like to make recipes by watching videos, the app consists of a special section for easy video recipes. Here, each and every recipe possess step-by-step process, so that you can make the recipe without any errors.

  1. Instant Pot Smart Cooker & Recipes

Instant Pot Smart is basically a Bluetooth connected Instant Pot which gives the option to control as well as monitor your Instant pot recipe using a smartphone or tablet.

If you possess Instant Pot Smart, then you will also require this app. The app provides a dashboard, where you can monitor temperature, pressure and heating levels. You can change all these things from your iPhone.

The app also provides an option to write recipes. Hence, you can write a recipe and share it with others. The app consists of built-in recipes and scripts, hence you can check out all the probabilities of utilizing Bluetooth enabled Instapot.

If you haven’t still purchased Instapot and planning to purchase it, then before buying any Instapot, please don’t forget to check Instapot reviews.

This is it. We hope that you liked our list of Best Apps for Instapot Recipes. If you found this information helpful, then please share it with your friends and followers.

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