Here is What You Need to Know Before Starting a Pet Blog


People like reading blogs as these contain some specific and helpful information, whether it is a personal blog about the daily routine of celebrities or blogs about some particular topic – any of these aims for a specific audience.

Having a pet, people change in terms of their behavior and character as a pet grows up together with its pet parent. You teach your dog how to protect your home, and it teaches you how to be more responsible. It is a two-way education.

In such a way, creating your pet blog seems to be a natural outcome of having a dog. As an owner, you have something to share with others. What is more, you will learn many new things about your pooch while collecting some material for the posts. It is a win-win situation if you make it in the right way.

Core steps on the way to your perfect pet blog

The first thing you should do is mull over the blog strategy. Having a strategic look at your future blog gives you a perspective of how you see it and what you can do to implement all the ideas. Think about the reasons why you want to make this pet blog, people who will probably read it, consider this niche in general.

  • To sum up, here are three tasks you need to complete:
  • Think about your goal: why you want to create a blog
  • Be specific, consider a narrow topic
  • Make up a name for your pet blog and all the social media platforms
  • make sure you have an original and easy to memorize name.

Set up all the technological stuff

Do not be afraid of the technical aspect, and it is not as difficult as you may think. You will easily find several blogging platforms on the Internet so that the only thing you will have to do is choose the most appealing one. If you are not good at selecting the platform for a blog, you may try WordPress, which is a standard among the blog newcomers. WordPress provides you with enough flexibility and many helpful features. Preparing to become a real pet influencer, you will need to do the following:

  • Get a domain name that will work. For those who do not know, a domain name is a blog’s URL (address).
  • Then, you need to buy a hosting package to store all the documents and files related to your blog site. This step is an important one, as such a package ensures that your website functions correctly.
  • Prepare to install WordPress. When the installation is over, you can fill in your login name and create a safe password. Here, you are now ready to start your blogging path.
  • Work on your site’s design: think about the concept of it, the colors, and the way you want it to look. If you choose WordPress for your blogging, you will be able to utilize any of the free themes available on this platform. However, if none of the free items appeals to you, you can buy some custom themes that will fully correspond to your idea of a perfect blogging site. Besides, the WordPress platform offers several plugins to improve the website’s functionality.

It’s the content time!

Now that you have a structured strategy for your blog and a setup website, it is time to think about quality content. Keep in mind that the topic and language should align with the interests of your target audience. Successful blogging is about regular posting. For that reason, you need to prepare 10-15 texts first. Create a promotional plan, define the popular topics, surf through the existing pet blogs to derive inspiration for your blog site.

Keep it exciting and be patient

Whether you write an entertaining post about dogs’ habits or dog kennels review, keep it interesting. Sometimes you will fail in attracting an audience. However, give yourself some time. There are so many top blogs on the Internet that readers will find out about your site only with time. Your primary task is to create engaging and useful content. You can look through the users’ comments and questions on the sites similar to yours so that you can see what bothers people.

Here are three ways to keep a blog about pets interesting:

  • Good content with no spelling mistakes. Relevant topics and contemporary issues are the musts for you. Your post should be easy to read and comprehend; use live and conversational language.
  • People like posts with photos, so use these. Besides, how can you resist reading a post with a photo of a cute puppy?
  • As you work at a post, use only trusted and credible resources, especially if you give some piece of advice regarding pet care. It can be as simple as helping pet owners pamper their pet with some great gift ideas which will make their lives easier.

All in all, creating a blog about pets is a perfect way to learn more about your canine and help others with good advice. Stick to the essential rules before starting blogging and make sure that your site offers information that is topical, informative, and engaging.

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