How to Make New Software Implementation Easier for Your Business?

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It is a daunting task to implement a new software but businesses and people do it all the time.

Why? For the simple reason that innovation is essential for enhancing the productivity of the employees, for keeping the systems updated and beating competition.

But unfortunately implementing a new software and getting the employees excited for the same are both quite challenging tasks. However, there are ways to making the on-boarding of your staff a simpler process.

Now the question arises – why software implementation is so difficult?

Here are some of the major reasons that can answer you.

  • New Software Calls for Training
  • People Does Not Want Change
  • Goals Are Not Communicated Well Most of the Time
  • New Tech Can be Scary

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Here are some simple ways for the process of implementation –

#1 Investigate

You should find out the challenge that each and every department is facing and how the new software can change that. You should try and dig out the problems faced by them through the current process and how the new software can help to solve those in the process. Often businesses request RFP or Request for Proposal and RFQ or Request for Quote where the software features are confirmed. Instead of asking whether a particular software program offers a service that you are after, you should rather ask them how they propose to solve a particular situation. This will give you a better understanding of how the software operates and how it can be applied for the benefit of your business

#2 Explain Why You Need the System

Once you have decided to bring in a new software, remember that it would be a piece of new information. You should explain the rationale behind it such as the efficiencies predicted, expected ROI and any other logic that can help the employees understand why the software is needed to be implemented. This is going to help the staff understand and come onboard with the project. You should also calculate the Net Present Value or NPV.

#3 Put Together a Small Internal Team for Managing Implementation Project

Internal team of 5 employees are essential for the successful implementation of the software. This group must be interacting constantly with all the department and top management. They are going to cooperate and work together with the ERP consultant.  Added to that, it is recommended that the employees are not involved in the daily tasks (normal scheduled tasks) as they should commit their time to the implementation of the software. The is going to make sure that each ones needs are met.

#4 Hire Quality ERP/IT Provider

Most of the small and medium sized enterprises do not have the in-house IT team. Because of the emergence of cloud computing and software as a service, nowadays an in-house IT team is not even essential.  But you must hire the right software provider who can act as the ERP or IT consultant and execute the ERP implementation of the team.

The qualified ERP consultant must have –

  • A solid understanding of your business
  • The necessary knowledge and experience of IT
  • Good communication skills as he/she is going to be working alongside your internal team in handling the software (mentioned in the previous point)
  • Offer a proper breakup of all the costs incurred upfront including the unexpected ones for unexpected situations arising during the implementation of the software

#5 Train the Team about How to Use the System

If you desire a successful and smooth implementation of software, then investing in end user training is necessary. If the employees are not aware about how to use the system they are bound to resist it and your team is not going to work efficiently. For the successful training assist the process during implementation and continue even after the Go Live date. Follow these –

  1. Set Up Goals
  2. Create a training program and schedule it
  3. Have the internal team analyse each user’s need and requirements of training
  4. Have the ERP or IT Consultant educate and train the users

As everyone learns and tries to adopt to the new way of work there can be some issues. So the experts suggest that in order to curb resistance and ensure employee cooperation after the introduction of any innovative software like product design software, you should stick to an efficient analysis and engagement strategy right from the planning upto the follow-up process after implementation of the software. Only then you can make the most the software and achieve the desirable results.

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