Is EaseUS Safe? Full EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

is easeus safe

Whether you’re a large endeavour or working solo, the EaseUS Data Recovery wizard promises to lend a hand you recuperate files erased by programs in addition to unintentionally deleted files. This can be indispensable in helping you to maintain the information and statistics you need smooth if you experienced issues with removed files.

EaseUS also undertakes to lend a hand to users to access non-mounting, contaminated, and raw partitions. Additionally, supplementary advanced users are intelligent to pull through data from servers and RAID storage space units.

On the broadsheet, the EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard sounds approximating a full amount life-saver. However, some enquire about its safety and on the whole effectiveness. In this EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard reconsider, we’ll collapse just how protected and practical this program can be.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard assures to be a commanding recovery program flipside by advanced features, an in working condition interface, and a speedy deep scrutinize tool. Below, we’ll break down the most imperative components of this program to settle on if it actually works as planned.

What is EaseUS?

is easeus safe

Simply put, EaseUS is a statistics improvement program that is designed to lend a hand you to recuperate both unintentionally deleted files and persons that have been unconsciously removed by programs.

Obtainable for Windows and MAC, users can also repossess lost data from RAID storage in addition to servers. The software is unquestionably geared towards additional professional exercise but it is a solid alternative for home users or diminutive businesses as well.

The target of the program is to agree that you for no reason lose your data, as the information is always backed up in the cloud, putting off emergencies from happening in the first place.

Does EaseUS Actually Work?

Several programs can sound first-class on paper, but if it doesn’t work as proposed, it might as well be deceased in the water. With that said, does EaseUS in point of fact work?

In our knowledge testing the program, EaseUS does in point of fact work in recovering files and data. We set up that on a hard disk, EaseUS could without problems find and pull through deleted graphic files that former software missed. It in addition provides a non-compulsory deep scan on the drive of the computer itself; looking for recovering files and leasing you search/preview files that the app comes across in the development.

Since you can discover files throughout the scanning process, the overhaul is expedient and well-organized. Upon testing on a somewhat large 2TB spinning-platter drive, we bring into being that EaseUS required less than 10 hours for a jam-packed scan. Other services can acquire up to 30 hours or more, devoid of allowing you to in reality recover files all through the scanning progression.

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As quickly as you start on EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you can perceive an occupied list of locations on your system anywhere the program can look for for lost data or files. Simply make sense of a location and then the scrutinize button. The program robotically goes to work creating a full file list and a catalog of removed files.

EaseUS easily and speedily recovered the misplaced data and files we had lost, devoid of the time-consuming headaches that former recovery programs can transport. Additionally, ruling lost files on RAID and servers was uncomplicated and successful.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Features

One obsession we found about EaseUS is that it doesn’t matter anywhere your files are amassed or mistakenly arranged, the recovery wizard will lend a hand you to acquire back your files apart from of how they were lost. Let’s obtain a look at the key descriptions of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard below:

  • Recovers lost data on an assortment of platforms
  • A fast, rapid, and trouble-free recovery procedure in under 10 hours
  • Supports an extensive assortment of drives (SSD, Memory/SD, USB, Digital cameras, Zip, Floppy Disk, CD, and more)
  • Flexible data recuperation process with the investigation, pause, and end functions
  • A speedy scan and profound scan occupation for ease of use to let you not cause any predicament.
  • Recovers nearly every type of file in addition to archive files, email documents, and supplementary
  • Ability to pull through data from various loss scenarios (ie: disk file dishonesty, disease attacks, system collide, accidental removal, raw divider deletion, etc)
  • Allows for introduction and export of all scrutinize results
  • Support for every one windows OS Versions in addition to iOS Apple
  • This is a feature-rich stage that is designed to convey peace-of-mind at the same time as recovering significant files that would or else be lost.

EaseUS Pricing Plans

One thing that is truthfully immense about the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is that they present a completely complimentary description that is competent of rescuing up to 2GB of data at a moment in time. Rival services only consent to users to recover 1GB earlier than having to shell out their hard-earned currency.

If you’re a well-built enterprise or purely need to recover additional than 2GB of data, you can promote to the Ease US Pro Version for $69.95. There is in addition a Pro+Bootable Media description accessible for $99.90.

Each paid-for alternative does comprise a free-of-charge trial so that you can acquire an experience for the surface earlier than purchase. Obviously, you will get a better degree of features to make use of with the paid-for versions of the examination than the at-no-cost version.

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Plan 1: Pro

  • $69.95monthly subscription
  • $99.95yearly subscription
  • $149.95lifetime upgrades

Plan 2:  Pro + Todo Backup Home

  • One-time payment of $$125.37
  • The original price of this plan is $$208.95

Plan 3: Technician

  • $299.00one-year subscription
  • $499.00lifetime upgrades


Plan 1:  Pro

  • $89.95monthly subscription
  • $119.95yearly subscription
  • $169.95lifetime upgrades

Plan 2:  Technical

  • $299.00one-year subscription
  • $499.00lifetime upgrades


Plan 1:  Pro for Windows

  • $69.95

Plan 2:  Pro for Mac

  • $79.95


Plan 1:  Pro

  • $39.95

Is EaseUS Safe?

In our understanding of the program, EaseUS appears to be a very highly regarded and out of harm’s way program that takes enormous strides to look after your privacy. They make the most of a secure 256-bit SSL encryption of all files, which is supplementary than can be ordinary for the most part free services. EaseUS also mechanically encrypts all improved data for you, while also agreeing to you to modify your level of encryption on valuable data.

EaseUS also has a very towering TrustPilot score with thousands of encouraging reviews. There has been no information of issues or scamming with EaseUS, only in safe hands recovery of deleted or lost files and data. Overall, we suppose EaseUS is a very protected solution.


  • Fast, consistent, performance with the alternative of searching for the duration of the scan
  • Recovers files previous products cannot re-establish
  • Simple categorization of specific folder types and deleted files
  • easy to use interface and systems
  • Free alternative with up to 2GB of recoverable information before upgrading


  • Not each type of file is departing to be recoverable
  • Not moderately as customizable as comparable recovery options

Customer Support

The customer sustain system is on hand 24/7. You can reach EaseUs by electronic post or via live chat on the company’s website. You can in addition fill out a form, with your inquiry or issue regarding the data recuperation software. One enormous thing is that there are quite a lot of poles apart languages available.

The company states that they look after your personal email address, making certain it does not leak into the mistaken hands. Thus, the customer concern services thus are very much compassionate and you will not face any question while using Ease us safe.


Thus, you see it depends upon the individual to treat Ease us safe to be perfect for them or not. All the pros and cons are listed above and by reading which you can make your choice of using it or not. Also, remember to not miss out on any review to get in-depth knowledge about Ease us safe so that you become a prudent customer before buying it in any form.

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