Looking To Upgrade Your Helium Miner Antenna? Jung Has Best Service to Offer

Helium Miner Antenna

What exactly is Helium Miner?

If you’re familiar with helium miner antenna, you probably might have heard of it at least once since it is growing exponentially worldwide. Helium networks connect billions of Lot devices like smartphones, smartwatches, smart door locks, smart bicycles, medical sensors, etc. Usually, a stock antenna has a gain of only 2dBi therefore, in order to increase your reach, you will need to upgrade into higher gain by JYNG Helium Antenna, which is a hundred per cent safe and efficient.

How can Helium add value to your life?

Adding Helium is directly proportional to adding value to the network. Just keep in mind to have the best-equipped miner. Helium uses an advanced algorithm which is called Proof of Coverage (PoC) and rewards miners in HNT. Proof of coverage works because of numerous properties of radio-frequency that supports miners to produce proof that meaningfully prove conformity to hotspot activity. Radio-frequency is so advanced that it goes with the speed of light and has literally null latency; radio-frequency can travel only up to a certain limited distance. One can determine radio-frequency strength by knowing how far it originated.

Height and obstacles can greatly affect the strength

Make sure the antenna you chose for the hotspot placement matches your elevation, lines of sight, and topography (typography isn’t just hills and elevation but also obstacles such as buildings, skyscrapers, and trees. These blockages can greatly block or reduce the strength of propagation. Our price range ranges as low as 125 $ for 5.8dBi and 175$ for 8dBi.

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Services that we provide at JYNG

We provide the frequency range of 824- 960 MHz which covers eighty per cent of the world, absolute amalgamation with EU868, US915, and AU915. We not only install the device outside but also inside nearby a window so that you can get flexibility while utilizing all of the potentials it has. It is very easy to install and takes a duration of 20 minutes. You do not need anything else; the package that we deliver will have everything that you would need for installation like (helium miner being the obvious one)– coax cable clamp and connectors. 

Still sceptical about what gain antenna you want? Here is a tip.

JYNG has both versions of antennas called 5.8dBi and 8dBi for covering both short and long distances. You can decide whichever you prefer on the basis of the limit you want. For example, if you want to broadcast to a hall or a room that is omnidirectional access and do not need much gain or its directivity go for less gain, but if you are someone whose target to focus all signals into a distant place, then the high gain antenna is for you since antenna needs to be pointed in a certain direction to send radio frequency signals so that signal can be concentrated in your certain direction.

The increase in a signal via an antenna is called gain. We provide two versions of gain that are 5.8dBi and 8dBi. With antennas, the increase in signal is not amplification of the signal. They only divert and concentrate radio energy in the preferred direction without creating it, but it is just redistribution of available radio frequency signal into a certain direction.

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Our promise at JYNG

We are JYNG, a small team of an excellent team that helps you increase the revolution of affordable mining. Upgrade your helium hotspot network with the amazing JYNG antenna to become a part of the advanced and high-tech generation of miners. Sign on for our waitlist, which is free of cost. You just need your email address so that you get notified about the new JYNG batch release before we run out of stock. The shipping in the United States, Canada, European Union, United Kingdom, and Australia may take not more than 4-6 weeks after you place an order with us. Whereas for worldwide shipping, delivery time will vary depending on your local delivery centre’s efficacy. We assure all the payment methods are safe and secure. We’re about to launch our 3rd batch in January 2022. You shall be notified by email within five days stating all dates and times with necessary information.

You will receive the date of launch and all the necessary information. Regardless of your signing on our waitlist, you can contact us anytime. Our team is highly dedicated to helping you with all your doubts. JYMG aims to give our customers the best experience with our outstanding service, leaving you happy and satisfied.

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