3 Major Tech Discoveries of 2021

Major Tech Discoveries

Technology is always evolving at such a rapid pace and the year 2021 is no different. Most of us have already seen the effects of new tech advancements like the mRNA vaccines in our own lives, but what about some other major tech discovered uncovered this year? Take a look at our list of the 3 major tech discoveries of 2021, including one featured book for each that you can use to further research the topic.

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Major Tech Discoveries

#1 mRNA Vaccines

While researchers have been developing Messenger RNA technology for decades now, in 2021 scientists were quickly able to deploy this technology into a viable covid-19 vaccine. This amazing new tech quite literally saved our lives – by the time the vaccine was developed in late 2020 and early 2021, almost 2 million people had already died from coronavirus.

Just how important was this discovery? In his new book, “The Code Breakers”, author Walter Issacson claims that the biggest battles on the planet happen between bacteria and the viruses they fight. mRNA vaccines just gave bacteria the upper hand by allowing them to learn how to fight an enemy virus without ever having been in contact with it previously. The results will change the world. Not just now as the world continues to struggle through the pandemic but in the future as this new mRNA tech could potentially be used to treat other illnesses such as HIV and malaria.

#2 The TikTok recommendation algorithm

Social media recommending popular and relevant content to its followers is nothing new. In order to keep their customers engaged with their platform, social media companies use machine-learning and AI to build complex algorithms that match users with the content they want to watch. These algorithms are the reason that if you watch one too many cat videos on YouTube, you’ll be suggested nothing but cute animal videos for the next couple of weeks.

TikTok, a Chinese social media giant, exploded in popularity this year by creating one of the most accurate recommendation algorithms out there today. This algorithm is capable of identifying and accurately predicting the exact type of content a given user will be interested in and is smart enough to know to avoid presenting repetitive content to prevent user boredom.

In his new book “Tik Tok Marketing for Entrepreneurs”, social media marketing expert Robert Kasey claims that the TikTok algorithm is the easiest for new users to navigate and predicts that this will only continue to fuel the company’s massive growth. With hundreds of millions of users already active on the platform, for now TikTok and their innovative new algorithm shows no signs of slowing down.

#3 Lithium-metal Batteries

You’ve probably already heard about lithium batteries since they are used to power the increasingly popular electric vehicles. But the current lithium batteries on the market suffer from many limitations, including that they’re expensive and they can only carry a vehicle for a few hundred miles before they need to be recharged.

That’s why the developments in lithium-metal battery technology are so welcomed, yet so surprising. Researchers have been trying for decades to produce a lithium battery that was rechargeable, affordable and safe without ever succeeding, until now. The startup QuantumScape claims they’ve created a lithium-metal battery prototype that could revolutionize electric vehicles. In fact, early results from the company claim that they could boost the range of an EV vehicle by up to 80%.

It’s not all good news, however. So far QuantumScape’s battery is only a prototype and some critics think this new tech will never be applied successfully. For instance, Dr. Thandavarayan Maiyalagan, author of the new book “Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries” believes that the real way forward lies in working with improving lithium technology without seeking miracles from new trends in tech.

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