Gun Safe that Matches Your Home Decor

Gun safe that matches your home décor

Your house is always valuable or special that’s way keep your home secure and search the best gun safe 2021 for your home, the new stylish premium Winchester gun safe is more secure and match your home décor easily Several people are carrying multiple types of assets in their houses that’s all people are interested to buying premium Winchester gun safe to match home décor.

Following a few safe models which is a perfect match to your home decor and user-friendly.

1. Series of hunter

Hollon safe comes in market with our new hunter series gun safe and each safe has a 45-minute fire resistance at 1400 degrees. This model series comes in the market with variation in shape, size, and capacity of storing guns.

Hunter series gun safe made with 12 gauge steel on both side door and walls, its include up to 1.25-inch locking bolts, with various external dimensions 55” H X 17” W X 16 “ D and internal dimension are 53” H X 15” W X 11 “ D, total weight is 290 lbs.

2. Silver model

Protection against fire provided in sixty-minute, but this model gives 100-minute protection, it’s mostly used in office or business safely because of large size with high security and robustness.

The inner part of this safe contains few little touches that elevate the quality of the gun safe, in this model we can easily adjustable the internal light and the electronic locking system are easily handled, user-friendly.

3. Model of sporter

This model is available in the moderate prize in the market for middle-class peoples. Its main aim to develop the basic security against natural disasters and theft

This model comes in the market with various sizes that store up to 40 guns easily with important feature like fire-resistant, budgets friendly, etc…

4. Medallion gun safe model

Medallion model is the more costly gun safe, it does not only give the security of firmware as well as improve the beauty of the house and it come with various sizes such as M28, M40, M62, and M48.

Its store them near about 29 long guns, best shooting chronographs, it provides security over the intruders because of its thick steel body with S & G mechanical dial combination lock.

5. The model of platinum plus

is the most important gun safe and resistance to force it provides the 120 minutes of protection over the fire to 1750 degree F temperature that’s why its most popular model in the market.

this model install uni-force locking system that helps to prevent unauthorized access and high level of fire protection with ThermaBlock technology and steel body internal dimension is 54” H X 39” W X 17 “ D and external dimension are 60” H X 46” W X 27 “ D and 1425.00 weight.


Premium Winchester gun safe to match home décor is a very difficult and hard task find the perfect match but above multiple options are available in market its look like a container use in our home, any robber or outsider come into your home it does not easily identify the gun safe and help to protect your gun.

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