How to Record Phone Calls for Your Business — and Why it’s Good Practice to Do So

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When you call a company, have you ever heard the line ‘Calls may be recorded for quality assurance purposes?’ Companies have a good reason to record your calls. The benefits go beyond quality assurance.

Recording phone calls for your business may seem like an afterthought, but you need to prioritize it. The data you collect could push your business to the next level.

Here is how to record your business calls and why it is good practice.

Use an App That Lets You Easily Record Phone Calls

Did you know that you can use an app to record phone calls? Imagine this situation: You have an incoming call from a customer who wants to buy. They avail their billing information, and you put it down. However, you later realize that you entered the wrong information. With a recorder app, you can simply go back and listen to what they said.

You may lose a potential customer if you don’t record your calls. Failure to deliver also affects the quality of your customer service.

While there are plenty of call-recording apps, they aren’t the same. When deciding, consider other users’ reviews, fair pricing plans, and limits to your call length.

Reasons to Record Your Business Phone Calls

Call recording is essential for both big and small businesses. Here are a few reasons to consider it:

1. Monitoring Customer-Employee Communication

Many businesses record their calls for a certain reason. However, this is the most popular one. The goal is to promote high-quality service and assess customer support agents. Call recording allows supervisors to determine if employees are communicating well with customers.

Employees whose services are tied to the phone bring significant business value. They introduce the human touch and determine whether customers will come back. You would be wise to ensure they stay on top of their game.

In addition to monitoring employee-customer communication, you can determine the baseline performance and target areas of growth that employees need to pay attention to.

2. Record Meetings

Meeting minutes are excellent when you need to catch up with team updates on the go. However, it isn’t always possible to get everything down on paper. If you called in for a client or team meeting, you may need to review the meeting details.

You can get all the vital information if everything is recorded. You’ll never have to pay for missing important information.

3. Improving Customer Personas

Your marketing team can use business call recordings to build better customer personas. Basing the information on live data improves its accuracy. Call recordings improve your ability to detect customer interests, pain points, and buying behaviors.

With the data in hand, your marketing team will determine your potential buyers and target your marketing message to them. It is a fantastic way to improve sales. If, for example, many customers are enthusiastic about a particular promotion or feature, your marketing department can determine what is working with advertising.

Get your team to flag calls with important information and feedback. They should record them, allowing marketing professionals to go back later and get more information.

4. Reviewing Interviews

When hiring, you are likely to screen and interview many candidates weekly. After a while, the calls may seem to blend into each other. Voice recordings allow you to go back and review the interviews. They allow you to make an informed decision eventually.

You could be missing out if you are not recording your business phone calls. Get a call-recording app and start enjoying the benefits as soon as possible. You can use the records to review interviews, monitor customer-employee communication, and create better customer personas.

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