Skycaddie SGX golf GPS Rangefinders Review

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It takes a no-nonsense approach to range calculation, but it does not feel underpowered or lacking in any way thanks to a comprehensive selection of extras which will make it an invaluable companion on the course and arguably the best stand-in for an experienced human caddie.

Large Full Colour TFT-LCD Screen

The Skycaddie SGX has a three inch display that makes use of anti-reflection technology to dampen the sun’s rays so that they do not impede on its usability.

The display supports full colour images, so each hole and green is represented appropriately, whilst the data measuring distance and various other details can be discerned in the sensible arrangement at the top and bottom of the display.

Skycaddie SGX What no Touchscreen!

All of the major functions are controlled by buttons below the screen and these have been arranged and programmed to be accessible during one-handed use, which lets you consult the Skycaddie SGX without having to drop everything else.

You may be aware of some golf GPS Rangefinders which have touchscreen displays and although this is certainly a popular technology to integrate in modern devices, it is actually a hindrance for this type of gadget because it can leave you with fingerprints all over the image you are trying to view and so sticking to physical keys is potentially a better option.

Although the construction of the SGX is solid, Skycaddie recognises that the three inch display can become scratched and tarnished during use and storage and so it includes screen protectors in the retail package to help keep it free from damage.

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Never Lose Position

The Skycaddie SGX has TruePoint GPS Precision Positioning Technology powering its location-based capabilities. This combines speed and accuracy in a mix that will pinpoint your position to within less than a metre and get it done in no time flat.

Unlike some of its rivals the SGX actually has a visible antenna to contact the satellites and although this might make it seem a little old-fashioned,n it actually improves performance and reception and as such is an acceptable sacrifice, particularly as golf GPS Rangefinders are hardly items of fashion, but tools of a trade.

Huge Course Database

The Skycaddie SGX can be filled with 30,000 different courses from around the world, with the option to install much more detailed mapping of 50 courses.

You will need to join the Skycaddie membership club if you want to unlock the SGX’s full potential, but for serious golfers it is likely to seem a worthy commitment.

For each course and hole the SGX can give you access to current details about hazards and other points of interest and the device will be automatically updated as you move about the course so that you are always aware of what lies before you.

This combines with HoleVue, a service which is based on hole location data collected on foot. This lets you zoom in and plan your next move to reduce the number of strokes required to find that elusive hole, no matter where you choose to play your rounds.

Final Thoughts

The Skycaddie SGX is rounded off with a digital scorecard and stat analysis system and its integrated rechargeable battery will keep the power on for even the lengthiest of golfing sessions.

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As with all Skycaddie rangefinders the courses are professionally mapped by real people who actually walk the course with special equipment that in turn makes the SGX extremely accurate. In fact you will be hard pushed to find another GPS unit that even comes close to this level of pin point positioning.

Combined with its ease of use the SGX offers the avid golfer many compelling reasons to open their wallets and make a purchase.

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