The Best Free React Themes to Try

The Best Free React Themes to Try

As there is a huge variety of the React templates available today, we have collected the best themes that you should check out right now! As you have so many options, being confused is natural. One has to make a selection based on the requirement of the project. Here are the best themes that you can try and are free to use:

  1. Now UI Kit React:

This is certainly one of the most famous UI kits that you can go for. And pretty soon the React version is going to be launched with Invision. This will offer Sketch and PSD formats and people from around the world will be able to use it. This will also be a good option for smooth operation with the react dashboard.

  1. Argon React Native:

It is a completely coded application template. This helps you with creating beautiful and powerful e-commerce mobile apps with ease. You will be able to start the development with an excellent Argon Kit that is inspired by the Design system of Argon and for the React Native. In case you do like the Design System of Argon, then one will surely love this react template. There are several components and screen made for fitting well and undoubtedly looks amazing.

  1. React Shards Dashboard Lite:

This is again a free admin dashboard template that has features of the modern designs and also has many components and custom templates. Here are some of the top features that you can see in this one:

  • Very Responsive:

All of the react themes can be well adapted and can reflow the layout for any kind of viewport size.

  • Best Performance:

There is minimal footprint with this one.

  • Code Quality:

This has been made from scratch and at the same time has followed best practices of modern development.

  1. React Paper Dashboard:

This is a Bootstrap Admin Panel and combines the beautiful typography with the graphics and spacious cards. The best part is that even after being a strong tool, it’s easy and simple to use. You will have enough features that help you to get the work done. But still not crowded to a point where you aren’t able to find the files for specific plug-ins. There are:

  • 16 handcrafted elements.
  • You also get 4 customized plug-ins.
  1. React Material Dashboard:

This is an open-source material that has been made for Node.js frameworks. There are about 39 frontend components that can be implemented. Each of the elements consists of focus, color style, and hover. The features include 2 Customized plug-ins.

  1. CoreUI:

It is an admin template that’s open-source Bootstrap 4 and React.js. The template offers user graphs and charts for sales, traffic, social media, stats, and other user activities.

  1. Blur Admin:

Based on React this is another wonderful admin template. You get to use basic components, forms, charts, tables, maps, and UI features.

Final Words:

These are the top React themes that you should surely give a try. Most of them contain several useful components and easy to modify.

Ganesh Kolekar is a graduate and geek. He is the man behind keeping the quality of the posts and manages the content part on the website.