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Are you looking for fun for your kids? Do you want your children to jump safely on the trampoline and are you looking for a trampoline with a safety net? Or do you want to buy a trampoline to get fit for spring and summer? Whatever the reason, a trampoline guarantees 100% fun for the kids. Visit here to buy small trampoline easily online. is the leading online shop for trampolines in various designs, accessories and spare parts. With our years of experience, we can give you and your family excellent advice.

Health benefits

The gentle swing of the trampoline reaches every part of your body: all cells, muscles, ligaments, intervertebral discs, cartilage and joints are gently activated. In addition to the pure fitness performance, the trampoline helps you to tackle your back pain, it supports the metabolism and helps you to get rid of extra pounds. Besides, it also increases the resistance to disease enormously and strengthens bones and lubricates joints, ultimately, improves the cardiovascular system going and increases your physical well-being holistically.

Swedish doctors confirmed that the health benefits are incredibly diversified:

·         Lymphatic flow and blood flow

·         Fat burner

·         Prevention of osteoporosis

·         Band washers

·         Cardiovascular training

·         Stress

·         Depressive moods

·         Increase in brain performance

·         Strengthen the immune system

·         Pelvic floor

·         Digestion

·         Coordination and fall prevention

·         Joints, ligaments, tendons and cartilage

·         Muscle building

·         Diabetes

Trampoline improves child’s motor skills

As it seems, trampoline doesn’t only help kids to get engaged in a fun activity for physical health benefit, but it also contributes to improve child’s motor skills. They could probably gain body-balance, recognize their foot joints, enhance elasticity of the body, get control over limbs and unintentionally learn to balance under the influence of gravity.

Trampoline improves

Safety tips for using trampolines

·         Always jump without shoes, wearing only socks or barefoot.

·         Do not take any pointed or sharp objects on the trampoline, take off jewelry and glasses.

·         Use the trampoline only when the jumping mat is clean and dry. There is an increased risk of slipping in the rain.

·         Jump with great care, never jump off the trampoline and never use the trampoline to jump onto other objects or to jump onto the trampoline from other objects/places.

·         Never jump when there are people under the trampoline. Adults should never jump when there are children on the trampoline since it can blow children into the air in an uncontrolled manner.

·         Don’t jump just after you have a meal.

·         Always jump in the center of the trampoline, never at the edge. Stop jumping immediately when you are no longer in the middle. Do not do somersaults or other risky jumps. The risk of injury is very high.

·         Always jump in the middle of the jumping mat, never at the edge. Stop jumping immediately when you are no longer in the middle. Do not do somersaults or other risky jumps. The risk of injury is very high.

·         Children should only jump in the presence of a supervisor.

·         Before jumping, make sure that the trampoline is in a technically perfect condition.

The ideal location for garden trampolines

Choose a surface that is as flat as possible for your trampoline so that all legs are at ground level. A slight incline, for example, on a slope, is not bad. Besides, in order to load the trampoline evenly, you can dig the legs of the trampoline into the ground on uneven surfaces. For the stability of the frame, all double legs should have equally good traction.

Avoid placing the trampoline under or next to large trees; a lawn with ample free space is better. Please note that the trampoline should be set up on a similar surface (floor). For instance, avoid placing the frame half on asphalt and half on the lawn. Otherwise, the trampoline wears out on one side.

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