Why do you need a download manager for your Mac?


When downloading something on the internet it is always a task to go and find the damn file after it’s downloaded. Of course, browsers soon realized this problem and came up with the “open when downloaded” option that allowed users to navigate directly to the file once it finishes downloading. But we’re in 2019, and if you were to tell us that there really isn’t a better way to manage all your downloads and have them in one place, then we’d find it really hard to believe you.

And so we did a little bit of searching around the internet and found something that we believe is probably the best download manager Mac.

What are we talking about?

Well, the software we have found comes in as an all in one download manager for Mac that easily doubles up as a Torrent client, meanwhile allowing you to also download and manage all your files easily with the help of tags that allow you to organize all your downloads. Combine this with the super clean interface and ease of access, gives you, Folx. A superb download manager Mac that offers everything we just spoke about and much much more.

Let us delve in and look at some of the core features of Folx.

“Folx is probably the download manager available on Mac at the moment”


Super fast downloads

Folx allows you to download at faster rates than normal browsers and other download managers by simply splitting the downloads into two threads, this in hand gives one multiple methods of adding in new downloads.

An ingenious Tagging System

Folx comes in with a tagging system to categorize downloads. A system nothing like anything we’ve ever seen before. What this system basically allows you to do is set a preset amount of tags available, and every time you download a file you get to pick a tag for the file in mention. Once done you never have to worry about that file ever again, because every time you open up Folx you can see all the files you have ever downloaded on your Mac, Torrent or otherwise, all organized in one place, all easily available for quick access.

Integrated Torrent searching system

What most torrent clients find themselves lacking in these days, Folx proudly boasts of.

We’re talking about an integrated Torrent search system, that allows users to directly find torrents and magnet links from within the client itself. This makes it super time efficient for users to find themselves the torrent from right within the client, without having to go through thousands of pages filled with malware and malicious content. With the help of Folx one just has to type in the keyword for what they wish to download, then Folx generates a list of torrents that are the most relevant and all the user has to do is hit download. That’s literally it.

There is also built-in support for magnet links so that you don’t actually have to download the torrent file before actually starting the data download.

Pro Version

Now Folx is free to use, but it also has a Pro version which gives users access to a host of other features like having 20 threads for downloads instead of 2, bandwidth control, scheduling of downloads, iTunes integration and a built-in video downloader and converter that allows you to download and convert Youtube videos.

As we said earlier Folx is probably one of the best download managers for Mac that is available on the market today, its sheer versatility allows users to download everything from videos to torrents and normal files.

We would definitely recommend you checking out especially cause it’s free to use, you don’t have to opt-in for the pro version unless you’re really impressed by the standard version.

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