Top Tips To Enjoy A Successful Workcation


Welcome to the world of the post-Covid era. You must be wondering why I have mentioned it as such while you are looking for top tips to enjoy a successful workcation. Let me introduce you to this term first. This word came into trend during the times of pandemic.

Before Covid, or in the pre-covid era working styles of companies and MNCs were different. But this pandemic has changed many things. Work culture and people’s perspective on everything has also changed now. Word workcation came into trend during this time only when everyone was bound within the boundaries of their homes due to lockdowns.

Businesses take a back seat. Firstly, companies started delegating work from home to their employees. Then they picked workcations as everyone was stuck in their homes, not even able to go around the neighbourhood. Workcations came into trend and helped employees reduce their stress and improve productivity.

Workcation is actually a combination of a working vacation. That means you can enjoy leisure vacations cashless while working for your employer. That means you are no longer entitled to take leave from your work and go on vacation. Instead, you can relax while on a workcation. Let me share a few top tips to enjoy a successful workcation: –

Choosing familiar destination

Choosing a familiar destination for your workcation is always advisable. So that you can leisurely enjoy your vacations once you are done with your daily assigned work without wasting your time. You would know about your destination and decide your iteration. It will be easy for you to make a schedule accordingly.

Your hard work will be lesser in case of searching for local eateries or restaurants to visit and local sightseeing.

Make a Flexible schedule.

You must make your working and roaming schedules flexible and compatible with each other. Even if you are working, you must understand that you are here for vacation. To relax your mind to the fullest and enjoy your vacation, you need to make your working schedule flexible.

You can relax with a flexible working schedule only. You can plan for sightseeing, roaming, or shopping locally in your vacation destination. And make a working schedule in the early morning or late evenings.

If you like drinking, then you should finish up your daily work before that so that you won’t end up messing up anything when you are not in your senses.

Select a suitable Lodge

Always select a lodge that suits your working style and requirements. Make sure to enquire and investigate all your requisites in the lodge before checking in. Checking all the prerequisites beforehand will help your productivity.

You need to understand that you are going to establish your workstation there for the next few days. So, make sure it has the proper required lighting. The next thing to make sure, it must not have loud noise and other disturbances.

Easily procurable Food and easily accessible transportation. So that you won’t end up tiring yourself in search of Food or locating means of transportation rather than enjoying your workcation, it must have basic amenities like space for arranging your workstation. A stable internet connection is another important requirement for any workcation.

Establishing Workstation

Now it’s time to establish a workstation. When your search for checking a suitable lodge is over, you need to set up your workspace in your room. Find the corner that has a bright light, along with exposure to daily sunlight. Arrange a table and comfortable chair.

Make the ambience that boosts you with positive energy and productivity. Apart from that, you need to have a checklist for arranging your workstation. That must include the following: –

  • Peaceful place
  • Good internet connection
  • Power back-up
  • Easy access to Food and coffee while you are working

Apart from these essential things, it would help if you decided for yourself about the ambience of your workstation. Workcation is about more than changing your working location. It is actually to help you relax your mind from your daily routine without hampering it.

To get a mind-refreshing view, I recommend you choose a window of your room, a lovely corner, or simply your balcony, as I feel myself rejoicing while I connect with nature. So, I prefer such a location for a workcation. Here, you can have one of your choices.

Define your goals

When I was on my workcation, I felt distracted from my work. That is totally normal for humans. But I found a way to finish my task within the dedicated time by defining the goal. We need to train our mind in such a way that it understands the pressure of finishing a task within the mentioned time. That, too, without getting overwhelmed.

Once you have set your goals and written them on your desk or the nearest wall, you will see a change in your mindset and improved productivity. You will be able to complete your task timely.

Get most of the work done before your scheduled time.

I understand that you have prepared your schedule already and that you will adhere to it. But I would suggest you try finishing your task ahead of your scheduled time. You will end up having more time to enjoy your free time.

Actually, you need to understand that you are on vacation with your work. That means you need to work a little while enjoying your vacation. You are not supposed to work more and holiday little. This idea may seem silly to you. But believe me, you will end up thanking me later when you are able to enjoy your workcation fully.

Make a balanced workcation.

As mentioned above, you need to understand to make a balance between work and vacation. You need to make and maintain a routine for your work. For this, you need to understand your most productive hours and get your work done between that window only.

While I was on my workcation, I tried a method of working hours that should be equal to your vacation hours. And I found that I was much more productive with this equation. So, I followed this throughout my workcation. I am not saying to follow this; you will get higher productivity. But I recommend you try it once.


I have listed a few points for you to make your upcoming workcation a success. Your employer will be impressed with your performance an

These kinds of workcation will really help you to rejoice in yourself and increase your productivity levels. I hope it will also help you to grab more such chances of workcation again and again.

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