WoW Burning Crusade Classic Pet Guide

WoW Burning Crusade Classic Pet Guide

Check out this guide on pets in WoW TBC Classic Hunter.

The Hunter isn’t exactly the hardest class in World of Warcraft, be it in retail and both Vanilla and Burning Crusade Classic. Nevertheless, the pet is still something one must take into consideration and even spend WoW TBC gold in to be the best hunter one can be.  For that, here’s a guide.

For The New Hunters

Lots of players made a hunter in their WoW TBC Classic Account for the first time, so we’re also including a few basic concepts.

First would be taming. Only beast-family pets can be tamed, which requires the Tame Beast ability, and hunters cannot tame a beast pet of a higher level. This is a channeling skill that reduces your armor by 100%, there’s no better WoW TBC Classic items than a freezing trap.

Second is happiness, which depends on whether you feed your pet on time. A happy pet has 125% damage output, Content has 100%, and Unhappy a mere 75%. Pets also have specific diets depending on what family they are under, and it is important to bring the right type when taming pets.

Other stats players have to consider are loyalty and level, which are both factors to Training Points, which in turn determines how powerful your pet is. With the level cap of pets at 70, the maximum Training Points is now 350. Training Points determine what abilities can learn at a time, as pet abilities differ in the Training Points they take up. Pet abilities can also only be learned at a specific level, and can also only have four abilities at a time, so it’s important for players to choose abilities wisely.

A Few More Basic Tips

Then there are abilities that can only be obtained by taming pets that already have these abilities. Thankfully, there won’t be any guesswork, as hunters have Beast Lore, which allows them to see the damage, health, armor, and whether that beast has the potential to learn an ability you’re looking for. A lot of pet abilities can only be learned by taming, and many of them are important, so hunters must be ready and patient to spend much time, energy, and even WoW TBC Classic gold in certain cases.

Alternatively, there are abilities that are taught by trainers, which are found in every major city in Azeroth.

Also, pets are divided according to role: offense, defense, and general, which dabbles but neither master’s both. It’s up to the hunter to decide which pet role they want depending on their play style and preferences. Hunters can check the modifier table on Damage, Health, and Armor in order to know which role the particular pet falls under.

Which Pets to Get in Burning Crusade Classic

With the basics out of the way, we go to the recommended pet families for WoW TBC Classic. The first would be the Ravagers, which, as their name suggests, are offense-oriented pets. On top of that, they can learn abilities such as Gore and Bite. Plus, the new Hunter talent Go for the Throat gives pets 50 focus for every ranged critical hit. This should allow the Ravager use Gore on a regular basis. An alternative to this is cats and raptors. They don’t have as much DPS and Gore, but Claw makes up for it in a way.

Up next is the Wind Serpent, which is recommended for those that have their critical strike capped at 30%. They have better magic resistance, and while it also has Bite, its main means of dealing damage is Lightning Breath, which deals nature-based magic damage.

The drawback to the Wind Serpent is that it consumes Stormstrike charges Shaman’s deal, which could have been used for more powerful Nature-based spells. Another is that since Lightning Breath is magic, Hunters will have to watch out for enemies that have high magic resistance.

Last but definitely not least would be Scorpids. Unlike Ravagers and Wind Serpents, the Scorpid shines brightest in PVP. This is because of Scorpid Poison, which deals damage over time and stacks up to five times. Another benefit Scorpid Poison has is that it can be the one to catch dispel when someone tries to do so on someone with Viper Sting. This is especially helpful against healers.

Hopefully this guide helps you know which loyal companion you’re going to have, or better yet, finally decide to be a hunter. After all, no other class lets you feel like playing Pokemon in WoW.

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