5 Best Careers for Technology Geeks

5 Best Careers for Technology Geeks

If you love working with systems, numbers, code or sophisticated machines, you’re in a great position. A knack for technology can lead to some exciting, varied and lucrative careers. In this article, we’ll look at just five of the possible job’s tech lovers can find themselves in. In order to achieve any of these positions, it’s vital to have the right experience, education and training. There is a wealth of technology-based courses available at highly reputable colleges and universities. A great way to start your career is to apply to study for an undergraduate degree. It’s true that higher education will cost you a lot of money. However, student loans for undergrad school are readily available to help take the pressure off and enable you to pursue your dream line of work.

Web Developer

Coding is a skill that is gradually becoming more and more sought after – so whether you are more proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript or any other form of code writing, your talents are likely to be in great demand in the world of web development. The best developers need to have an eye for detail, design and layout, be able to write the most efficient, easily decipherable and editable code and always be willing to add to their repertoire of techniques. It is possible to be an in-house or freelance developer – and both practices have the capacity to make you a great deal of money.

Games Designer

For those who love gaming on their Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo or PC, the characters, worlds and innumerable other elements involved exist for more than simple entertainment. They’re works of art. Bringing digital universes to life is a big job that takes a lot of skill and drive, perfect for creative individuals with great attention to detail. Designing games is truly a dream career. While gigs for independent labels can be quite low-paid, they’re extremely rewarding. Of course, there are also major names that hire larger teams and remunerate their designers very well.

Sound or Lighting Designer/Engineer

Here, the arts and technology meet. Whether you’re creating lighting designs for theatre or film, working on soundtracks for TV or producing and editing records for bands, you’ll be an indispensable part of an amazing process as a designer or engineer within sound or lighting. As with games design, there is only a tiny fraction of the arts sector that is highly lucrative – but if you’re able to fall in with the right production company, you could be set for life.

Data Scientist/Engineer

Data scientists are instrumental in almost all modern technological development, including AI and machine learning. They utilize data that has been collected and processed in different ways, expertly applying it to any given project to ensure perfect functionality. Data engineers handle and format the information that is used by data scientists in their projects. Due to the expertise required and the complexity of the work involved, these jobs are often very well paid indeed.

IT Auditor

Auditors are hired to examine the workings of a company’s technological and digital infrastructure to ensure that it is functioning as well, as safely and as practically as possible. Cybersecurity auditors – whose job it is to analyze the effectiveness of a company’s protection against data breaches and dangerous system compromising – also fall into this group. This type of work can help to prevent very damaging incidents and save big companies a lot of money. For this reason, auditing is often very well remunerated.

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