7 Tips To Avoid House Burglary: How Does A Burglar Think?

7 tips to avoid house burglary

What is your worst nightmare? It’s not about turning into a bald, or losing the stock but when a burglar picks up your house lock like it’s an easy piece of cake and invades the place you deemed safe. But guess what? Your house isn’t a safe zone anymore if you have poor locks and a low-grade security system.

Residential locksmith companies do the best job of keeping your residence safe and secure with proper maintenance checks. However, one can’t help but wonder how did the burglar get in?

It’s time you put yourself in a burglar’s shoe and think like one. Now that you have accomplished this imagination, here are some of the best home security tips that will come handy one day for certain;

1. Hide the ladders

It’s so easy to reach the second-story window with a ladder, right? It’s easy peas to reach the second story window especially when your home is not wired with a security system. so, if you are a burglar, you may not even need a “real” ladder. Ivy is as good as a ladder itself.

What if the burglar is lightweight, he sure would have skills and tricks to break a lock? So, it’s about time you take care of the growing ivy or putting the ladder in the garage – in its rightful place.

2. Take care of the trashcan!

Climbing on the trashcan and jumping across the wall can be so much fun. Well, not for you but if you are a burglar then you will find it entertaining. Besides trashcan is a lot like recycle bin of the things you got rid of. Remember the Xbox you bought and threw away the packaging? Bummer, anyone who is keeping an eye on your house would reveal the expensive items in your household.

It’s about time a local locksmith service company to take care of the locks even before it becomes a problem for you.

3. Do gardening to perfection

Do you what is another thing that a burglar love? They have a love for unshaped shrubs and trees. Some burglars are so professional at what they do that it seems like they have ninja skills. While in reality, it’s your overgrown shrub.

So, if you do not want to play a role in the burglary at your home, do yourself a favor, hire a gardener or make it a DIY project and trim the shrubs. This includes the ground floor window sills, entry points (visible from the street), and especially your backyard.

4. Choose the door material carefully

Doors are the gateway to your kingdom i.e. the household. Residential locksmith services companies always discuss with their client’s which sort of material is suitable for maximum protection. Using a steel door rather than a wooden door sounds like a good option to go with.

A burglar can easily swap through the doors, but if it’s a steel-wrapped door the chances of action will diminish. Besides, always use strong bolts for the door too besides choosing a good lock.

5. A house-sitter would be nice too

Winter is on the mend, and before it hits full form, you want to go vacationing. Never leave your home unattended. You’d be surprised how fast grass grows; this will attract unwanted attention to any burglar who is smart enough to figure out that house owners have been away for a long time.

Keep your grass trimmed, but before that have someone trustworthy (or you can even hire a local locksmith service company) to keep a regular check while you are away on long holidays.

6. Beware of the backyard sale

It’s great if you want to downsize your storage. Selling a bunch of old, outdated stuff on a cheap rate can cause you pretty expensive burglary later onwards too. Let’s suppose it’s an open backyard sale. Anyone can just come by, take notice of how you’ve arranged things. If you are a kind host you may offer them a free tour of your house or if someone asks to use the restroom you are too polite to even refuse and let them inside.

Boom! This is the downside you need to avoid. Always have a closed backyard/garage sale. Call your people in your close circles who extremely trustworthy. Or auction the items online.

7. Put valuables in a safe place

Have you ever seen movies? House owners can be pretty much evasive when it comes to hiding their safe. But thanks to the very same movies, burglars have gotten smart with their techniques too. Never keep your valuable items in an easy to carry case. Either invest them in a wall safe or use a bank locker for the purpose.

A burglar is smart enough to look into uncanny spaces and find the items you thought no one could.


Be smarter than a burglar. It’s not a bad option to get help from local locksmith service companies around you. It’s one of the safest bets for you especially if you keep tending to forget your keys or have scheduled business trips, they can play the robin for you.

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