13 Methpds To Solve YouTube Comments Not Loading?

youtube comments not loading

If you’re on the internet for any reason, chances are you have a tab with YouTube open practically all of the time. For good reason, the service is pretty much everyone’s go-to for viewing and sharing videos. However, there are occasions when YouTube can be a nuisance. I recently discovered that I couldn’t read YouTube comments in my browser. That’s quite inconvenient, and if you’re in the same boat as me and your YouTube comments aren’t loading, here’s how to repair it.

Comments on YouTube videos benefit both viewers and artists. Sometimes I skim through the comments section of a video to gather additional information or to decide whether the content is worth my time. However, comments on videos occasionally fail to load, particularly when using Chrome. If this describes your present situation, use the troubleshooting steps in this tutorial to resolve it.

How to fix YouTube comments not Loading?

youtube comments not loading

As previously said, this is an issue that arises at random, and when it does, it is quite inconvenient to deal with. Furthermore, because there is no one cause of this problem, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment.

Fortunately, there are several things you may attempt to cure YouTube issues, and we will go through all of them in this article. I’ll be organizing the solutions from easiest to most time-intensive, so I’d suggest you follow along. However, if you want, you can utilize the table of contents to jump to any approach that you believe would work.

Method 1- Youtube comments not showing? Try signing in!

The first thing you should check if your YouTube comments aren’t loading is whether you’re signed in or not. A number of people have complained that when they sign in using their Google account, the comments on YouTube only load for them.

If you are not signed in, a Sign In button will appear on the upper right, as shown in the screenshot below. Simply sign in using your Google account, and perhaps the comments on YouTube will begin to load soon.

Method 2- Youtube comments not loading 2021? Try reloading youtube!

Reloading the website is the most simple thing to do if signing in did not work or if you are already signed in.

Many times, random connection or caching issues might create website troubles. If this is the cause of your YouTube comments not loading, refreshing should resolve the issue.

Method 3- Youtube comments not loading chrome? Try viewing a different video!

YouTube does now allows video-makers to deactivate comments on their videos. It’s possible that YouTube comments aren’t loading because the uploader has disabled them.

Try visiting another video and seeing whether you can see the comments there. If this is the case, there is nothing wrong with YouTube or your browser, and it is most likely due to the video parameters selected by the uploader.

Method 4- Youtube comments not loading? Try changing Comment Sorting from Top Comments to Newest First!

If the comments area appears for you, but you see a rotating circle instead of the comments, here is an approach that many people have found to be effective.

Simply switch the comment sorting mode from Top Comments to Newest First (or vice versa).

This basically refreshes the video’s comments section and should properly load comments on the YouTube video.

Method 5- How to fix youtube comments not loading? Try opening YouTube in Incognito!

If none of the options above worked, check to see if there is a problem with your browser’s cache, cookies, or extensions. To test this, go to YouTube in incognito mode and see if the comments load there.

In Google Chrome, you can open an Incognito window by clicking the three-dot menu symbol and selecting ‘New Incognito Window.’ Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + shift + n.

If you’re using Microsoft Edge, you can open an InPrivate window by clicking the three-dot menu symbol and selecting ‘New InPrivate Window.’ You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + shift + n.

Method 6- Why are my youtube comments not loading for any given video? Try opening Incognito in YouTube App!

Here’s how to enable incognito mode in the YouTube app on your Android or iOS device.

Press on your Google account icon in the upper right corner, then tap on ‘Turn on Incognito.’

Now play a video and see if you can see any comments on YouTube.

If utilizing Incognito mode resolved the problem with YouTube comments not loading, there is a problem with your browser. Continue reading to find out what action you should take to try to remedy this.

Method 7- Youtube comments not loading? Try Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies!

First and foremost, you should erase your browser’s cache. Cached data can sometimes cause issues like the comments error you’re currently experiencing.

Please keep in mind that removing cookies will sign you out of most websites.

Here’s how to clean cache in Google Chrome if you’re using it.

  • Step 1- Go to chrome:/settings and type ‘cache’ into the search bar.
  • Step 2- Click on the ‘Clear browsing data option.
  • Step 3- Select ‘All Time’ as the time range and click ‘Clear data’.

Here’s how to remove cache and cookies if you’re using Microsoft Edge.

  • Step 1- Go to edge:/settings and look for the word ‘cache.’
  • Step 2- Select ‘Choose what to clear.
  • Step 3- Select ‘all time’ as the time range and click ‘clear data’.

Method 8- Youtube comments not loading? Try checking extensions!

The next step is to confirm that no extensions are causing problems with YouTube.

To test this, we will disable each extension one by one and observe if YouTube comments begin to appear. Here’s how to turn off extensions.

Within Google Chrome

  • Step 1- Navigate to chrome:/extensions. Turn off the Chrome extension’s toggle.
  • Step 2- Reload YouTube and check to see if the comments have appeared.
  • Step 3- Rep the procedure, disabling extensions one at a time.

Within Microsoft Edge,

  • Step 1- Navigate to edge:/extensions. For an extension, deactivate the toggle.
  • Step 2- Reload YouTube and check to see if the comments have appeared.
  • Step 3- Rep the procedure, disabling extensions one at a time.

Method 9- Youtube comments not loading? Try Clearing App Cache and Data (Android/ iOS)

If using incognito mode on the YouTube app resolved the issue of YouTube comments not loading, deleting the app cache and data should resolve the issue for you. This is how you do it on Android and iPhone.

Android: Delete App Cache and Data

  • Step 1- Long-press the YouTube app and select ‘App Info’ or the I symbol.
  • Step 2- Tap on ‘Storage,’ then ‘Clear Storage.’
  • Step 3- Now launch the YouTube app and check to see if the problem has been resolved.

Clear iPhone App Cache and Data

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On an iPhone, the only option to clear app cache and data is to delete the YouTube app and reinstall it from the App Store. Check to see whether YouTube comments are loading for you now that you’ve cleared the app cache and data for the YouTube app.

Method 10- Youtube comments not loading? Try disabling Adblockers!

Ad filters can occasionally interfere with websites such as YouTube. If you are experiencing YouTube comments not loading issues in your browser, consider removing your ad blocker or disabling YouTube’s ad blocker. Hopefully, this will resolve the issues.

Method 11- Youtube comments not loading? Try Disabling Proxy Settings and VPNs!

While this is not always the case, utilizing VPNs can sometimes cause YouTube to operate improperly. If you’re using a VPN or routing your internet through a proxy, this could be why your YouTube comments aren’t loading. What you can do is as follows.

How to Disable Proxy in Windows 10

  • Step 1- In the start menu, type ‘Proxy’ and select ‘Proxy settings.’
  • Step 2- Deactivate the toggle next to ‘Automatically detect settings.

How to Disable Proxy on a Mac

  • Step 1- Navigate to System Preferences > Network.
  • Step 2- Select your WiFi network and then select ‘Advanced.’
  • Step 3- Uncheck all of the checkboxes under ‘Proxies’ in the top bar.
  • Step 4- To save the settings, click the ‘Ok’ button.

Reload YouTube to see if the comment not loading error has been resolved. If not, proceed to the next step.

Method 12- Youtube comments not loading? Try flushing DNA Cache!

Another thing you may try is to flush the DNS cache. When it comes to YouTube comments not loading, there isn’t much proof that this fixes anything, but it’s not a bad idea to test it anyhow.

You can read our articles on How to Flush or Clear DNS Cache in Windows 10, as well as tips on flushing DNS cache on macOS and Linux.

Method 13- Youtube comments not loading? Try Resetting your browser!

Finally, if nothing else works, you can try resetting your browser to its default settings.

Chrome should be reset.

  • Step 1- Go to chrome:/settings and type ‘reset’ into the search bar.
  • Step 2- Select ‘Restore settings to their original defaults.
  • Step 3- Click the ‘Reset’ button.

Microsoft Edge should be reset.

  • Step 1- Go to edge:/settings and look for the word ‘reset.’
  • Step 2- Select the ‘Restore settings to their preset values’ option.
  • Step 3- Click the ‘Reset’ button.

Now, sign in to YouTube and start watching videos. Hopefully, this (extreme) approach has resolved your YouTube comments not loading trouble.


YouTube comments are frequently a treasure trove of fun and knowledge. Surprisingly, your internet connection could also be at blame for this occurrence. So you need to ensure that your network connection is strong and within range. We should also mention that the issue could be on YouTube’s end.

They sometimes disable commenting momentarily to resolve issues or to bring out new updates/features to the site. This is frequently restored quickly, so you may need to wait for comments to be reinstated.

Finally, if YouTube comments do not appear beneath a specific video, try viewing a different video to see whether the comments appear. Also, give that other video from a different channel a shot. It could be because the video creator or channel has blocked or prohibited you from seeing and commenting on their videos. In such a circumstance, you are powerless to act until the channel itself unblocks you.

Final words

There are a total of 13 alternative options you can try to resolve the YouTube comments not loading error on your computer browser or smartphone. Hopefully, you were able to resolve your YouTube problem using one of these techniques.

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