Top 20 Subreddits for Reddit in 2020

best subreddits for reddit

This article is helpful for users who have no or little information and knowledge about features and add-ons on Reddit. We will be discussing various best subreddits that must be subscribed right away. The article is due to increasing members on Reddit with very active users on the platform.

Note: “Techlogitic Team is not responsible for any missing subreddit from the original database of the developer.”

Top 20 Subreddits to be subscribed in 2020

#1 TodayILearned

This subreddit is best for learning and sharing great things. The community is really helpful and amazing to be a part of. It is greatly active and the list gets updated every now and then. However, it is not mandatory that all the information provided are facts and real, some might even be theories.

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#2 AskReddit

As the name suggests, this subreddit is all about answering questions and it is one among the best subreddits on the website. It is basically a people’s forum where one asks a question and other answers it. It can be very helpful passing time answering others or even asking questions that were a bit silly to ask in person.

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#3 Explain like I’m Five

If a user is not satisfied with answers received on TodayILearned, a user can try asking the same question here. The answers here are answered in such a manner that even a person with no prior knowledge can understand it. As the name suggests, one can ask process of beer making, why does cheese melt etc.

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#4 DIY

This subreddit is amazing for people who love DIY things from scratch. To get started, just explain little about the project, materials required and available, and various designers, developers and artists will help you achieve the same. The list starts from custom boards to fixing an old bag, the subreddit got everything covered.

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#5 IAmA

Ask Me Anything is one among the most popular subreddits available for Reddit. Any community member can ask anything without hesitation or worrying about of being judged. Famous people including musicians, artists and comedians, all are presented in this thread. Apart from this, this subreddit also gives information about AMA sessions.

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#6 Aww

As the name hints, this subreddit makes anyone depict the “Aww” phrase. It is because the subreddit is full of cute animals, funny moments that puts a smile to a user’s face. This subreddit must be subscribed by all the animal lovers.

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#7 Facepalm

If you are an active twitter user, you must be well aware about the weird, cringe and funny posts. In that case, this Subreddit is a must add-on to enhance overall Reddit experience as this collect all of them and presents in here. It is because not everyone gets to see each and every relevant post. Check the subreddit using the link below and subscribe.

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#8 Perfect Timing

Who has not seen hilarious and mind-boggling photos which exist due to good timing? Everyone has seen them right. This subreddit is all about them. No doubt, this subreddit is best by all means due to a vast library of these kinds of photos.

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#9 Wholesome Memes

And now, a subreddit for all the meme lovers and meme gods. This is the best subreddit for finding and sharing trending and most circulating memes on the internet.  It contains all type of memes that can be dank too. So, a user might get offended due to the meme that is why we are warning users to check for it before subscribing for the same.

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#10 Technology

As the technology advances, more and more users search for them to stay updated with the latest and trending piece of technology I the world. To sum it up, this technology subreddit has been on the list. It contains all the latest technology information including the ones that user forgets to read or get information.

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#11 Listen to this

Listen to this is a great subreddit to be subscribed in 2020. It is because this subreddit is made for all the music lovers who connect with music by famous artists.

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#12 Gaming

Any gamer around me? Of course, yes. This Gaming subreddit is all about gaming, gaming memes and cool gameplays. Users from all around the world share cool things related to gaming space. One can start a thread about anything starting from favourite game to famous games played all around the world.

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#13 Food

This is a great subreddit to be subscribed by a food lover. One can easily find amazingly new and easy recipes to all kinds of food that can be made at ease of your home.

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#14 Fitness

2020 is the best time to give time to your body due to inability of going outside. In that case, one can start their fitness journey by subscribing to this subreddit named as Fitness. Some of its features include day-wise trending topics, and easy navigation to favourite topics.

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#15 Camping and Hiking

There is a cool subreddit for all the adventure seekers. It includes all the information and users those who have same thing in common i.e. backpacking and leaving for trips. One can find all types of questions answered related to hiking and camping.

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#16 Earth Po*n

Apart from the work P*orn, this is one of the most beautiful subreddit one can bassubscribe to. It is for all the nature lovers who gets amazed by seeing the photos.

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#17 100 years ago

This is a subreddit for all the users who love knowing about history, more specifically that what happened on the same day 100 years back. The developers research everyday to get all the news/ famous incidents that happened 100 years ago.

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#18 Sketch Daily

As the name suggests, this subreddit is all about creativity and sketches. There are a number of cool and amazing threads which are based on drawing and creativity. One can share drawings and get access to the drawings by others as well.

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#19 Internet is Beautiful

This subreddit gives all the information about weird as well as amazing websites that are existing on the internet but they are not known by the public. It basically showcases how beautiful the earth is with those websites and changes a user’s perspective of seeing things.

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#20 Fan Theories

Last but not the least, a fan based subreddit which must be subscribed by all the movie lovers. On this subreddit, users from various parts of the world gather and discuss theories about upcoming timeline movie and what the plot is going to be.

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So, this was the list of top 20 Subreddits in 2020.

Still, have any queries? Comment down below.

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