Best 11 Genius Baking Tips Straight From A Professional Pastry Chef

Best 11 Genius Baking Tips Straight From A Professional Pastry Chef

Are you someone who is constantly watching cooking shows and when you try to replicate, it’s all a mess? Or you are someone who knows about cakes and baking, but wants to learn some genius tips that can make your life better?

Whatever is the level of your baking skill, we have a set of tips, some tricks which can make baking the fun it is and you can find more about top pastry chef Dubai here.

Let us get started then.

  1. Buy a cooking thermometer

Baking is especially about using different appliances and how else will you be able to figure out if the insides of your dessert are done or are they still just all batter? This is when an oven thermometer can come in handy.

Ovens are just like any other kitchen appliance, very unpredictable. You will never know when it is done accurately. It will be either too fast that you take them out or too late. So equal chance of messing up the baked goods.

The calibrations can also vary from one to another, so an oven thermometer can be your savior in this situation. Just reading the temperature would do the trick.

  1. Sift thoroughly

Professional chefs couldn’t agree on this point anymore. You might have seen big chunks or lumps in your goodies, that is because this basic step wasn’t executed correctly.

It is extremely important to sift all the dry ingredients before you add on water or any wet ingredient, just so that the possible lumps are just avoided and the batter or dough is completely smooth and chunky.

  1. Trick to ascertain if the cake is done

One of the biggest struggles with cake baking is to know when they are done. You cant poke in them, but the trick here is to press the centerpiece of the cake and if it fluffs up, then your cake is done. Such an easy yet effective tip right?

  1. How to get even scoops of cookie dough?

This can be the most annoying thing in the kitchen when you are looking forward to eating great cookies but stuck with how to measure the dough so that every cookie looks the same. I think the worry is over, as you can use cookie scoops of different sizes just to bake the yummy cookies.

  1. Moist cakes

Nobody likes dry cakes, which just break off to crumbs when you eat. Moist cakes are everybody’s favorite. So the trick here is to use squeezy bottles filled with syrup or alcohol which can soak your cake and can keep it moist throughout the feasting time.

  1. Have patience with dough

Baking is sure art and like every pursuit of art, there is a need for proper planning and patience. The cookie dough you made just now will not give you the best results. The cookies will the best only if you keep the dough overnight. You can let them rest on the counter or refrigerator. Here you are letting them rest and rise, thus making your cookies lighter and tasty.

  1. Usage of food scales

Baking is very particular with correct measurements of the ingredients. Even a small mistake can mess up your entire item. Food scales come to the rescue for such intricate and precise measurement. Eyeballing any of the ingredients is not preferred and it is in such a situation that food scales do the purpose.

  1. Freezing the whipped cream

The cream gets the perfect whipped consistency once it is kept in the freezer for some time. It gets much easier than trying to whip the cream when At room temperature. Just a slightly cold temperature is more than enough for the ease of the process. So next time you want to get a great whipped cream for your baking, be sure to chill it in for a couple of minutes.

  1. Taking temperature details seriously

Baking is highly sensitive as the ingredients and the methods have to be done perfectly for the best results. The temperature concerns are also real. When said some materials are to be added at room temperature, it has to be added that way, because food is science.

  1. Using ring molds

The messiest part of baking a cake can be using those cake tins. These make the entire cake gets stuck to the bottom if enough cocoa powder is not put and is extremely difficult to get cleaned.

Ring molds on the other hand are much more comfortable and easy to use with no hassle at all. You can just pour the batter in and attach the sides.

  1. Getting rid of air bubbles

After you pour in the batter make sure to tap the baking tray so that the bubbles are relieved which will make the cake with no lumps. Also give it a spin, for the batter to rise and get a dome-like shape.

  1. DIY piping bags

If you are on a budget and need these piping bags, you can make some using just parchment papers. It is economical and easy to work with. It can be thrown away once it is done and saves some penny and helping you create budget-friendly treats.

  1. Use of acetate paper for layer cakes

This can again be a budget-friendly option of using acetate paper when assembling the layered cakes. This is even used for intricate and glossy chocolate work which is sure to make anyone’s mouth water.

  1. Heating the tools

It is always better to have a hot water tub next to your tools when you have to spread buttercream or frosting. When you dip your tool in the water and then use them, the texture is smooth and not cakey. So this is widely used in the decoration of cakes and will save you some time and mess from the curating part. These are all professional tips and you can find more about top pastry chef Dubai here.

  1. Investing in vanilla powder

This infamous ingredient is not just a favored one, but also quite expensive that people refrain from using it until very necessary. But an economical decision would be to invest in the vanilla powder. It a processed ingredient, but does the same purpose in the baking industry.

These were some professional tips and tricks used by the best in the industry of baking. You can make use of them in your regular baking at home or in your professional space. Some of them are very simple, but quite often forgotten too. So make sure the next time you bake anything, you use these tips and it would change your baking journey entirely.

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