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Invasion in one’s privacy is always unwelcomed, whether it is on social media or in personal life. On the other hand saving data from prying eyes and hackers is also becoming more and more difficult by the day. Everyone wants to stay protected and many digital security companies are working hard to make sure that the users can be protected from all the threats especially the known ones. Even if you are not targeted by hackers there are still a lot of people who can go through your phone and can check your Instagram activities like what all images you have posted, saved posts, messages and what not. Irritating as it is, this annoying habit of people can also leak out many of your secrets. Finding a security app to help you effectively can be quite tough. So in this article, I am going to share with you 7 best apps that will help you to lock your Instagram app. Have a look:

Best locker apps for Instagram

1.   Locker for Insta Social App

Locker for Insta Social App

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Developed by Systweak Software Private Limited, this app has lots of incredible features that can be of help to you. You can set a password or even a fingerprint as a prerequisite for login. This app can lock app and chat both so not only your photos but also your messages can be protected. It has been especially designed to consume less space in the storage so that even the old phones can work without any kind of lag. In case you lose your passwords or forget it then too, don’t worry. The app will help you reset it via your registered email address.

2. Fingerprint Pattern App Lock

2. Fingerprint Pattern App Lock

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If you wish to lock multiple apps and not just your Instagram then I would suggest you to download Fingerprint Pattern App Lock by Biometric Solution Tools. You can lock apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. It also provides the option of pattern lock in case you prefer that apart from passcode or fingerprint. The user interface has been designed by the experts to be simple and helpful even to the users who don’t have much hands on experience with the device.

3. Secret Applock

If you are the kind of person who focuses also on the aesthetics of everything and not just operability then the Secret Applock is made just for you. One of the best designed locker apps with numerous themes to compliment your mood and choice. It also has many 3D colorful background wallpapers for more customization. The app is also efficient in locking the entire Instagram application. It also offers the password reset via email for easy change of credentials.

4. AppLocker

Another dedicated app for locking other apps on your smartphone is AppLocker. It is one of the best free instagram locker apps that you can use without having to worry about anything. It can protect and secure all of your data like messages, photos, etc. from anyone snooping around your phone. You can choose from a pattern, number code and a fingerprint password to secure your apps. The app is designed to be lightweight and work on minimal resources.

5. Lock for Instagram

5. Lock for Instagram

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Dedicatedly designed for Android users, this app has been in the market for quite some time now and has been trusted by many customers. It also offers multiple ways to lock and unlock an app. It has a user approval rating of 4.0 from 5. It has an intuitive interface and a simple way to reset password even when the user has lost it.

6. AppLock Aurora

Another themed app on the list from the developers at Aurora Studios is AppLock Aurora. It is quite compatible with Instagram and can also be used to secure other apps on the Android platform, making it more user friendly. If you want to block incoming fraud or spam calls then too this app has got you covered. You can also keep the videos, pictures and other media safe in the storage through it.

This powerful app has the ability to control some basic settings of your phone too like switching data and WiFi off when not in use, secretly capturing the photo of the person trying to make his way into your device and privacy, etc.

7.   AppLock

7. AppLock

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One of the most versatile apps on this list is AppLock. It has its own vault like the File Explorer on your phone, you can securely store all your files in it. You can secure your data by your choice of passcode, or pattern or even a fingerprint. You can set a particular time and location based on which the app can lock and unlock the storage on its own. It is super compatible with Instagram and other apps. With few clicks you can lock the entire phone and put an end to snooping.

So these were 7 best apps for locking instagram that I wanted to share with you. Your privacy is your asset and these little efforts will help you to maintain it.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for reading!

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