3 Wedding Sites of AYANA and why You Should Give Them a Try in Your Forthcoming Bali Wedding


Finding a venue that accommodates all your romantic dreams is a daunting task in many parts of the world. Contrarily, AYANA has made a huge stride in perfecting the user experience.

From privacy to the spacious venue, AYANA wedding sites will provide a soothing effect. Many wedding sites in AYANA offers complete packages. Consequently, most people end up wedding in Bali; thanks to AYANA! Let’s have a look at 3 typical examples.

1. Tresna Wedding Chapel

If you consider a world-class aquatic venue for your upcoming wedding, then, Tresna wedding chapel is your perfect match. The site offers you an endless view of the Indian ocean.

Experts have it that ocean view is best for a romantic occasion. Besides, the chapel has an underflowing stream of a river with crystal-clear water.

Those who wedded here claim that the Tresna chapel reflects into the feelings of the lovers. This owes to the transparent gel-like architecture of the glass building. The chapel comfortably accommodates 80 seated guests.

Finally, the chapel possesses air-conditioned rooms. It has access to over 10 reception venues. Most importantly, it borders Bridal Villa. The villa is a critical site for the bride to undertake her preparations. For instance, she can work on her hair, apply her make-up as well as dress up.

2. SKY

As the name suggests, this is a paradise on earth. Stretching 7500 m2, the site offers you an endless view of the Indian Ocean. To the horizon, your brain has room to romantically roam.

Whether you like swimming in the ocean or viewing the blue ocean, the SKY enables you to experience an eternal view to the horizon. Many couples treasure SKY for its maximum privacy.

When you wed in Bali, you will need to enjoy the romantic mood. Provided you have an undisputed view of the loving face of your partner, you have all it takes to value your wedding. And this exactly what SKY offers you.

Think about the need for open-air design. Now relate the open air to your wedding. In a nutshell, the open-air grants you the opportunity of interacting with nature. Besides, it exposes you to fresh freely flowing air; leading to a feel-good that your soul desires during a wedding.

3. Dava

Lastly, let’s have a look at the grill-concept restaurant.

I bet you will love the resource endowment of this site. First, you will fall for its tropical gardens with a soothing experience. If you need a site that sets the pace for a wedding mood, then, the gardens of Dava will.

Secondly, if you are a fan of swimming, Dava takes care of your entertainment. There is a pool, customized to pioneer success of your wedding. Thirdly, the site has an open-air indoor. This does away with the unwanted effects of confinement, setting the scene for a comfortable wedding experience.

Additionally, there is outdoor seating and 2 air-conditioned private rooms. Thus, you are sure of your privacy whenever you need it. For all your champagne toasts, pre or post, the Martini bar will serve you.

Again, the bar allows you to throw your cocktail parties. Don’t even question food because Dava has a third eye for this.

Whether you are a local couple or international guests, there is a variety of seafood at your disposal. To substitute the taste, the world-class chefs introduce imported meat to the equation.


Whether you need an endless ocean view or atmosphere-friendly wedding destination, AYANA has it all! You can enjoy a customized wedding environment at a friendly price. For instance, spacious rooms with improved aeration and privacy.

Besides, there is a bunch of food to choose from. Lastly, you can enjoy cocktail parties and champagne toasts in a site designed for the wedding. It’s your turn to try one of these popular Bali wedding sites.

Featured Image Credits – Agoda

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