Best Blue light Filter app for Android | 2020

Blue light Filter app

A piece of great news for all the users who are serious readers but are worried about the effect of it on the eyes of the reader. Don’t worry because this article is purely based upon that.

Basically, there are apps in the market that are used to enable a blue light filter that removes the blue light which protects the eyes and fewer strains on them. The list is only for the android users because in iOS, this feature is already present and in android, only fewer manufacturers

Disclaimer: “Techlogitic team is not responsible for any damage caused to the device or more battery usage due to the app.”

Top blue light filter apps for android

#1 Twilight

No doubt in accepting the fact that twilight is the most used and enabled blue light filter app in 2020. This app was also featured in must have apps in 2020 and packs a number of great features. Tha main feature lies in the adaptation process in which it adapts the screen’s brightness according to the daylight. Also, a user can changes the intensity of the filter as well as the brightness of the filter that really comes handy. Users can also create profiles that helps them maintain a flawless and seamless experience maintaining and using the app. The filter can be added timely.

Due to the paid version for the app, the free version only allows a couple of profiles but the paid version contains all the necessary actions and features.

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Download free version from here.

Paid version from here.

#2 Darker

This app is great when using at low brightness. This app reduces any strain on the eyes due to the screen using the customized color filters. Even the capacitive buttons on the device can also be lowered in brightness. This app also contains support for the tasker but it is included only in the paid version.

Even the app is having a cheap price for the paid version, this app is great for users who are seriously into using the device at night or care more about their eyes.

Download free version from here.

Paid version from here.

#3 Blue light filter- night mode

Next on the list we have the blue light for app. Much like the previous one, the app offers very amazing and highly customized colour profiles. Intensity and brightness levels, all can be adjusted by the slider in the notification bar. Apart from these features, the app also has a great feature of disabling the filter for 60 second s when a user wants to install, view or listen to any video that has to be seen in real photo quality. This app however has no paid version and is totally free to install and use.

Download free version from here.

#4 Dimly- screen dimmer

Apart from all the apps seen till now, dimly is really easy to use with no complicated settings. Staring from the app size, this app is really a lightweight app that does not bother with phone’s processes. After that, the minimalistic UI engages a user to use the dimly app without any hassle with a seamless and smooth experience. The app Congress with all the basic features that are required in an blue light filter app with a very amazing feature known as Shake to restore brightness that allows a user to move from app’s brightness to default brightness.

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Also, there is also a paid version that allows an ad-free experience.

Download the free version from here.

Paid version from in app-purchase.

#5 CF.lumen

Last but not least we have CF.lumen which is also an great app for protecting the eyes from harmful blue lights emitted from the mobile screens. What really makes this app different from other apps is its features. This app uses the light sensor of the phone which are used in automatic brightness to adjust the lights of the display. In the same way, the app makes use of the same sensor and calibrates the display accordingly. There’s an pro version to the app that allows users to unlock various features including alarm calibrating and night filters.

Download the free version from here.

Paid version is available from the in app-purchase.

Final words

We would highly suggest using the above apps as these stood up to the standards of our team with no data breach or privacy leak.

Also, blue light filter apps must be used by everyone working or reading at night.

Still, have any questions? Just comment down below and our team will reach the comment and reply as soon as possible.

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