Coin Master Free Spin

Coin Master Free Spin

Coin master is day-by-day getting insane popularity all across the globe. This game was developed in 2010 but it became viral on social media and other platforms ever since its new update.

Game Features:

Coin Master is a virtual slot machine where you can collect spins as you progress in the game. When you have collected enough spins then you can utilize them in the slot machine.

By doing this you can win attacks, raids, shields, extra spins, and most importantly coins that are the main aim of this game.

The coins earned by playing the slot machine permit you to perform various activities such as building and upgrading your village. Thus, your chances to win stars increases and you can progress rapidly in the leaderboard.

Another good thing is, when you run out of spins then this game offers you five free spins every hour so that you can play for a longer time. This means that you can collect a good amount of coins.

Users are also encouraged to connect their Facebook accounts with Coin Master as well. By connecting your Facebook accounts they can play against their friends too and that’s incredible.

Drawbacks of Coin Master:

While this game is highly addicted and full of fun but there are a few drawbacks regarding coins and free spins.

Users have reported on different forums about Coin Master. The game is getting much more expensive every passing day.

In the beginning, the spin packs were cheap to buy at a price of $1, $5, that is quite reasonable. But, after a few updates, the same amount of spin packs cost $17 to $20 and more.

When you start collecting higher amounts of coins then moving ahead in Coin master becomes surprisingly tough.

But how to overcome this situation?

Well, to get rid of paying extra bucks for spin purchase we have a better idea for you. In this article, we will discuss how to get Coin Master free spin in a few steps.

So, let’s get started.

How to get Coin Master free spins?

Method – 1: By connecting to remote servers

The Internet is full of different websites that offer free spins for coin master. But how to grab them?

That’s easy all you need to do is to find a website like that and connect your coin master account to any of the remote servers provided by that particular website.

They will ask you, “how much spins do you need?”, you can select your desired amount from the scrolling numbers.

In the end,  they will require human verification. You will get a list of steps displayed on your screen, follow them and prove that you are a human.

Method – 2: By using Modded apps

This method does not require any human verification. It is pretty straightforward.

First of all, you need to uninstall the original Coin Master app. After that find a legit mod app from the internet and install it on your phone.

Open your Coin Master account in the modded app and you will get a bunch of spins. That’s how it works.

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