Top Software for Game VFX Creation

In simple words, VFX or commonly known as visual effects (for those who are not into this kind of community) are basically effects created with the usage of software and external editing techniques with the purpose of making an existing scene look more realistic and appealing as it will be more detailed.

Most games would be nothing without the existence or usage of VFX as it would be naturally impossible to obtain such results with traditional resources, for example, explosions, water drops, or clouds, for example, are not something that can be created with such precision on videogames, so for that purpose VFX that reassemble these assets are created and used for many scenarios or situations inside the game.

Since the editor or creator of the VFX will be dealing with filmed material or computer-generated graphics, a top-notch edition and skills are needed in order to obtain outstanding results. Not being able to edit credible VFX could lead to catastrophic results, so it is definitely one of the most important things to consider in game development

How can VFX be Created and Used?

In order to start creating and editing VFX you will need VFX development services or software that offers the required tools for the artists in order to create, edit and implement everything in the game afterward. However, it is always important to keep in mind the fact that the more powerful the technology, the lower limitations will be expected for the development of realistic video games.

This means, that there is a great possibility that some game VFX services might be arguably better than other software for the creation of certain assets, and this is something that happens on a regular basis, as some editors tend to handle better smoke, explosions, fire and others could perform better with destruction or body simulations.

So it would be wise to have multiple VFX software under your sleeve so that you can always try and compare the performance and efficiency of certain VFX in multiple platforms to determine which one performs better for such circumstances. That is why the next top 5 of the most notorious VFX programs exist, in order to give the user more portability and knowledge for future projects.

Top 5 VFX Development Services for Games:

The next top will feature the most used VFX software by studios and companies across the world, so this means that some of them might perform better depending on the capacity and efficiency of the computer in which the software will be installed and the type of VFX that wants to be created.

1.3Ds Max:

At the top of the list is 3Ds Max, a widely used software that is popular thanks to its tools and capabilities of creating realistic VFX, 3D character models that can be easily edited and adjusted to the editors’ choice as well as the creation of game assets and powerful animations that can make games feel more lively and “real”. It is simple, robust, and fast, something that professionals in the industry are always looking for in their projects as better results will be obtained and overall, a more notorious game can be created.

2. Unity and Unreal Engine:

Beginners or individuals who are looking to start in the game development industry might have already heard of this one, and it is a fact that Unity and Unreal Engine are some of the most common and important game engines on the market as Unity is extremely versatile and easy to work with while Unreal Engine tends to be more targeted to large companies that count with a large budget that desire to develop extremely realistic VFX with the highest quality.

3. Houdini:

Maybe not as popular as the last 3 options, but it is definitely loved by the community as it is well known for being a capable software that grants the user the capacity of designing and editing dynamic environment and particle effects. It just makes possible the exploration of other resources as artists are granted the choice of refining their workflow thanks to the node-based procedural workflow that resides in Houdini.

All of this means that it is simpler to edit projects as fewer steps will be required with the correct usage of such workflow options. The fact that it also offers a low-cost version for beginners and humble studios means a lot as it will possible to get a hold of powerful tools without having to break the bank in your beginnings.

4. After Effects:

Ideal and notorious for the great tools and simplicity offered for the post-production stage of projects as unlimited possibilities are available for the users. It is possible to create as many texture and sprite sheets as wanted to add special effects that can go from simple moving graphics to breathtaking explosions that reassemble the ones used in top-notch movies.

The community mainly uses After Effects for the creation and editing of VFX such as smoke, stars, disappearance or smoke effects, snow, projectiles, magic, and so many other complicated VFX that are easier to create or edit in this wonderful software.

5. Photoshop:

It is insane to know how many artists have started their adventure with Photoshop, and frankly, it might the first option that comes to the mind of beginners who want to get started with VFX creation as soon as possible. It is no secret how well Photoshop performs in all kinds of projects, not for nothing is considered one of the most essential tools in any editing project, right? Well, it is just excellent for game artists that desire to create their own textures, assets, VFX and so much more.

Photoshop is one of the most important and notorious editing software that exists and it is definitely an industry standard for most projects as it is perfect not for graphics editing but also for all kinds of digital art, fun projects, development of assets or resources for games as well as other things.


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