Computer Glasses And The Proper Way To Look At A Screen

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Digital eye strain is a collection of vision-related problems, including blurred vision and dry eyes, caused by extended screen time. – The Eye Solution

There is very little doubt that computer/laptop, tablets, and smartphone shave become a critical aspect of our lives. For many people why ahem even developed a fear o losing their phones and some people ahem become ADDICTED to their laptops, smartphones, and other smart devices. So much so that there have been camps and rehab centers to get people off of their smart devices and they become productive citizens in life.

With that said, the importance of our smart devices are noticeable, and they have made life, work, business, and communication much more accessible and comfortable. However, the effects that intelligent devices have on individuals health is quite hazardous if overly used.

For example, the effects of sitting behind a desk all day staring at your laptop or desktop for hours on ends can have a very negative impact on your eyesight and the need for computer glasses become a necessity.

According to the Vision Council around 70% of individuals suffer from some digital eye strain, with these strains being:

  • blurred vision
  • headaches
  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • eye dryness
  • general fatigue
  • red eyes
  • headaches

Many of these effects are, and they can lead to blindness and other chronic pains and illness that need treatment later on; if possible (the therapy).

How Computers Damage Your Eyes

“There are tiny muscles inside your eyeball that change the shape of your eye’s lens to bring whatever you see into focus,” – Dr. Joshua Dunaief (An ophthalmologist and macular degeneration researcher at the University of Pennsylvania)

Computer emits a particular type of light which if instantly being looked at starts to have many adverse effects on one’s eyes.

Furthermore, Dr. Joshua Duniaef, believe that: “There’s evidence that bright light can damage your retinas irreversibly. That might mean staring at a computer screen that is very bright could damage your eyes.”

Ways To Prevent Digital Eye Strain

There are many ways to which you can keep from damaging your eyesight, which we have taken the liberty to compile in a list below.

# 1 – Get Computer Glasses

There are specific glasses, prescription glasses also down as ‘computer glasses’ which you can wear while using your laptop or your desktop. There are many positive effects that one can gain from wearing these glasses with the most prominent reason that it protects your eyes from blue lights which have been long theorized and speculated to be the source of eye damage for people. Especially for people who check their phones an tablets at night in a dark room.

# 2 – Eye Exercises

There are certain things as eye exercises that cannot only treat your eyes but also can help in curing your poor eye health. A few particular eye exercise which you can engage in right now is eye pushups.

Eye push ups are you placing your index finger in front of your eye and then taking it to your eye in different proximities.

In other words what you will be doing is placing your finger in front of your eye and then placing it further away from your eye. Your eye will have to focus on a different perspective, and as a result, it will force the eyes to get a bit of a workout.

Another good exercise is merely looking at something far away for a while. The idea that you will strain your eyes is untrue as you will be going your eyes an exercise. Your eyes are muscles that need to be exercised to stay strong.

# 3 – Stay Hydrated

The benefits that one gets from drinking water are numerous and not restricted only for keeping your body hydrated, but it is also beneficial for the entirety of your body’s muscles. As we have just mentioned our eyes are muscles and they need to be hydrated to function right; hence the reason for eye drops. Dry eyes are some of the most common reasons for peoples eyesight to start sight deteriorates.

# 4 – Keep Your Distance Away From The Computer or Laptop

It is important to be able to be sitting at the right distance from your laptop or desktop. To close and the light that is emitted from your laptop or desktop could prove to be extremely harmful.

It is recommended that you sit anywhere between 20-inches and 26-inches from your laptop or desktop.

# 5 – 20-20-20 Rule

This is hugely implant for the health of your eye. It is salient to give your eyes a bit of a rest for 20 seconds. For every twenty minutes you are behind the desk you want to periodically give your self 20 seconds to look at something 20 feet away.

This is much like the index finger exercise – as this will get your eyes to focus on different distances.

# 6 – Eye massages

Directly place your fingers over your eye and gently rolling them in a  massaging fashion will be a great way to massage the eye and get the blood to circulate a bit better. Much like your muscle when it cramps or is a bit sore a massage can help to relieve the pain.

Ways To Treat The Digital Eye Strain

There are certain eye supplements which you can take to treat and cuter your eye damages; with some of these supplements beings able to even strengthen your eyesight.

Take Supplement

There are many supplements out there which have many positive effects on your eye’s health with Bilberry Supplements having a high level of positive impact on your eyes health. This supplement has even helped to target many yes problems the person may have been experiencing and as a result, s one of the most popular and prescribed supplements for people who may be suffering poor eye health.

Eat A Healthy Diet

This may be a surprise to many but eating healthy diets especially a day that is packed with a lot of dark greens and carrots is incredibly essential for the safety and the health of your eye. The many benefits fo eating a dark green leafy diet will not only help to assist you in your eye health but the entirety of your body.

Poor food not only affects our weight but our eyes, our muscles, and our minds. It has well been known that junk food hurts our mental and physical state. Despite being comfort foods eye are very much more damaging and harmful than anything else.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is a dangerous and unhealthy habit. It has been well-known has cigarettes hurt our longevity as well as being the primary reason for cancer. Cigarettes have also been known, and effects ones eye health.

This may very well be one of the most harsh treatments as cigarettes are notoriously addictive. However, for those who can kick the stick to the side, they will get more than just more stamina and a stronger will, but they will also be able to see much better.

Give Your Eyes Enough Time To Rest

It is essential to give your eyes it of rest throughout the day, especially if you are behind a desk all day. The eyes are muscles and continually straining it with blue lights and their electronic devices is doing long-term damage to your eyes.

Much like your muscle would need a rest after you got to the gym after a strenuous workout so to will your eyes need s rest from sitting ebbing a desk all day and starting sit screen. Despite not seeming like sitting down and watching screen can affect you negatively it does.

Sitting down for extended erased sis nit only harmful to your cardiovascular system but also for your muscular system. The body needs to move and active. Sitting does for long periods of times has adverse effects on your heart, and as a result, the blood flow starts to affect other parts of the body as well.

The need to exercise and move around, if you are sitting down for hours one needs is incredibly important for your health.

Final Thoughts

There are many cases of people suffering from long-term effects of sitting behind a desk all day. This is why many doctors are now requesting that their patient’s get-ups and move around for a while if they have a desk job. Using commuter glasses are soothing art they also suggest along with drinking plenty of water.

The eyes are just muscles, and they need the right food, the right might need fo water, the right amount fo ret and the cautions to function effectively.

To Recap What You Want You Need To Do

  • Use Computer Glasses:  If you are behind the computer all day, it will prove invaluable for your eyes to give them the protection against the Blue Lights. Blue lights as mention have long term effects on your eye health. If you don’t like to use eyeglasses, you can use a contact lens from that can give the same protection to your eyes.
  • Remember Your Eyes Are Muscle: Give your eyes the nutrients, an adequate amount of water. Just like the body your eye needs to exercise if you want them to be strong.
  • Get Up And Move: Get up after an hour or so and move around. Let act blood flow in your body. Give your eye time to rest. It will serve your eyes better if you are able to give them periodic breaks once in a while.
  • 20-20-20: Remember this golden reel. After 20 minutes look away from your screen at something 20 feet away and for twenty-second. Give your eye something at a different distance so that they can refocus.
  • Massage Your Eyes: You’d be surprised how to massage your eyes can get them to get a bit roe moisturized as well as get the blood to flow back throughout your eyes. Your eyes will thank you for the calm and relaxing massage.
  • Close Your Eyes Tight: This is also an essential exercise you can do to help relieve any pain you may be feeling in your eyes. Simple but very effective.
  • Eat Plenty Of Healthy Foods: This is extremely important not only for the sake of your eyes health but for the entirety of your whole body. Don’t sleep on a healthy diet. It can serve you in more ways then just one.
  • Drink plenty of water: Never underestimate the power if water and how much better you will feel by staying hydrated throughout the day. Water is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle overall.
  • Take Your Vitamins and Supplements: Vitamins and supplements are extremely necessary for your heat to be at optimal efficiency. If you are not taking the vitamins and supplement, you need you will in the long term start to deteriorate (your health) over time. Billberry is without a doubt one of the most beneficial supplements for your eye.
  • Eye Exercising: Lastly, it is part to take the vitamins and supplements but if you aren’t also engaging in eye exercises as well as other cardiovascular activities they won’t have the most significant effect (they will still affect you but not in a substantial way) on your health.

Be Careful With Your Eye Health

For many people, they wouldn’t be able to deal with using their sights a rightly so. Because of this, it is essential to let you take care of your eye health. Give yourself some time to relax from your laptop and give yourself.

Sight is one of the most precious gifts we have and to lose it can be a devastating experience. Give your eyes the protection they need by wearing commuter glasses as well as eating the right food when kissable. We know for many a busy schedule doesn’t really have the time to cook a healthy meal but never out that for as well.

Moreover, finally, if you are on the cancer stick, you may also want to give that up as well.


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