Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ) explains the imminent arrival of 5G -that will change everything

Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ) explains the imminent arrival of 5G -that will change everything

Founder: Cristian Albeiro Carmona Hernández

When the first mobile phones appeared, nobody could think that they were going to become more powerful devices than computers and that they were also going to have access to the internet, well, actually when mobile phones appeared we didn’t even have internet in our homes. And yet, things have been changing and we are at the door of the next great evolution. Today, Cristian Carmona, co-founder of  Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ) explains the next revolution: 5G.

What does 5G mean?

Is the fifth generation mobile connection. Although it is true that each of the generations constituted a leap in quality with respect to the previous one, this one seems to be of greater amplitude. It has even come to call “the fourth industrial revolution”.

Advantages of 5G

As Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ) tells us in the artícle of blog. The main advantages that we will be able to enjoy after the arrival of 5G are:

  • Big increase in speed. Each revolution seems to us that the increase in speed is incredible, but in 5G the speed will increase so much that we will not need storage capacity, we can watch streaming in HD quality or play games without having to install them.
  • Lower latency. Latency is the time it takes to make a transmission, so a connection with higher latency will mean small cuts and jerks. Currently, it could be said that 4G latencies are very reasonable, on the order of 20 or 30 milliseconds. With 5G, latencies of as little as 1 millisecond will be accessible.
  • Geopositioning with height. All applications that involve geopositioning will improve their performance, and it will also be possible to precisely define the height, such as several floors within the same house. Which opens the door to new and powerful home automation applications and many more sectors.
  • Interconnectivity. Who has not been left without coverage for being at a concert or other place with many people? This happened due to the limitation of 4G antennas. With 5G, this figure will be greatly increased, allowing a large number of devices to be connected at the same time, making the “internet of things” (IoT) really accessible.
  • Battery saving. The 5G connection consumes much less energy than its predecessors, so we can enjoy better battery performance, but also services can be deployed in isolated areas, services that until now were impossible due to energy access limitations.

The importance of 5G

5G is a revolution at the level of mobile telephony and communications, but it will not be the only area affected. In fact, almost all sectors will be affected in one way or another, and in leading sectors such as robotics and telemedicine, in fact, tests of remote operations with surgical robots have already been successfully carried out.

The sectors where data is processed in near real time and an immediate response is needed will also undergo drastic changes. Autonomous vehicles communicating with each other, drones for precision agriculture or high-frequency automatic trading are just some of the examples.

The safety of 5G

When something new arises, there is always a certain fear of the unknown and voices always come out that criticize it or describe it as dangerous.

Without falling into rumors and looking for scientific evidence, right now there is no proven study that shows that the 5G signal is dangerous or harmful to health. What’s more, current studies show that the signal strength is better than other electromagnetic exposures that we experience on a daily basis in our everyday lives.

About Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ)

Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ) is an IT company specialized in creating innovative solutions with high technological content for its clients. The headquarters are located in Estonia, it is co-founded by a European benchmark for innovation and entrepreneurship such as Cristian Carmona and its staff is made up of staff from all over the world, a multidisciplinary team with experts in various subjects.

With an experienced team and the vocation to help its clients, Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ) is an international benchmark in innovative and personalized solutions according to client needs.


It is affirmative that 5G is going to revolutionize practically all sectors. A good idea to stay informed, or perhaps if you think you might need the design of some business solution related to 5G, do not hesitate to follow the track to Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ).

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