Benefits of Managed IT Services


Information revolution is sweeping through our economy today. No business or organization can survive without it. This has mainly been attributed by the dramatic decrease in cost of obtaining, processing, and transmitting information. Your IT team plays an important role in your day to day organization. With the revolution of technology, there is need for businesses to provide high-quality services to clients and customers, have reliable and flexible IT support. However, keeping the entire IT staff on site all the time can be expensive. That is why using a third-party managed IT service is a great option.

Below are some of the benefits of utilizing manage IT service.

Comprehensive network security

Working with a managed IT solutions provider guarantees superior security for your company and customers. The individuals have years of experience and will ensure the security of your network. The company will provide timely updates to your firewall, install DMZ, audit your workstation and serves and implement PCI security standard to your company as well as manage them. In addition, the company will also train and assist your staff in recognizing and avoiding latest security threats aimed at them, thus decreasing the risk of security breach.

Completely flexible solution

Managed IT solutions offer a wide array of service options to your company. This ensures that when you outsource IT services, you get exactly what your business needs and when you need it. This means you can change your services according to the changing business needs throughout the year, as well as budget fluctuations for IT spending. With an in-house IT department, you don’t have a variety of service options since the staff have specific skills. Also you don’t have the ability to change your services because that will mean you have to get rid of the IT staff and hire a new one with the set of skill that your business needs.

Faster response times

In today’s competitive business world, your employees can not be slowed down by downtime or any other kind of technical problem. Having a 24/7/365 support is much needed to ensure that your team can always be productive. If you have an in-house IT department of say 10 employees and your company has about 200 employees, it becomes difficult to handle IT related issues when more than 20 employees need IT help. Some employees will have to wait for long hours to get back to work. This downtime reduces employee productivity and business profitability.

However, with a third party IT service provider, each of your employees will get the services they need at the exact moment they need it. The response time is faster because the companies have a large number skilled personnel to ensure your uptime rate is high. Help is always available for employees- day, night, weekends or holidays. This improves productivity resulting in higher profitability.

Reduced sunk and operational cost

Having an in-house IT service team means your business has to deal with significant sunk costs such as monthly salaries, benefits, insurance, and office upkeep. In addition, it also takes time and money to train your staff on the current systems and processes.

By outsourcing your IT initiatives to the professionals, you greatly reduce large cost expenditure that comes with managing IT systems in-house and add value to your business, promoting business growth. In addition, managed IT services also help reduce your IT costs. For example, they help you save cost on; consulting, licensing, training and emergency repairs.

Improved productivity

You may have an in house IT department who are hired to develop programs or train employees. However, it is easy for your IT staff to get sidetracked with miscellaneous requests from coworkers, such as asking for help with log in issues, resulting in loss of productivity. Outsourcing managed IT solutions removes some responsibilities of your internal IT department. This allows your staff to focus on your company mission, development of new systems and apps as well as other tasks that will benefit your company. You can also eliminate the need for IT staff all together if the department is causing a financial problem or any problem for the organization’s bottom line.

Access to latest technology

Experienced managed IT service provider are well equipped to provide you with the latest verified technology to ensure that your business is up to date with the current market trends, improving business performance. IT support company will quickly integrate the newest technology on the market according to your business needs. When your business or organization is able to stay on top of all the latest technological trends, your company gains a competitive advantage.

Guaranteed level of service

One of the main advantages of managed IT solutions is that you bring a team that has the right qualifications, training, experience and certification specific your industry. A managed service provider offers your business with access to top-notch IT administrators with specific skill sets, removing the need to find and hire administrators by yourself.  Apart from having access to experts, you also get proactive IT solutions that will improve employee efficiency and catch technical issues before they escalate to serious problems. Managed IT solutions are also quick to respond in case of any problem, which ensures business continuity due to minimal downtime. They tackle all the responsibilities of an in-house IT staff at a much lower cost, improving your profit margins in the process.

Predictable and scalable spending (OPEX)

It can be extremely costly investing in IT systems and infrastructure. When investing in your business’ IT needs upfront, it can be challenging to predict operating expenses as your business grows. With an outsourced IT service, the operational expenses are consolidated into a single, fixed set of OPEX costs.

Managed service providers generally operate with fixed monthly rates where items like hardware breakdowns, maintenance, and repairs are included into your operational budget and won’t force you to spend any more money when they occur unexpectedly.


One of the key investments your business can make is the safety, functionality and effectiveness of your information technology system. An in-house team may be able to support your with the daily operations, however, outsourcing offers your company with more long term benefits. Experienced managed IT services provider takes time to understand and work with you to accomplish your business goals.

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