How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Custom Application?

Develop a Custom Application

The role of smartphones in our life cannot be underestimated. Today, we do everything through mobile apps, from checking weather reports through simple widgets to using mobile CRM software to manage employees and their tasks. These technological marvels make our lives a lot easier and add tons of entertaining value.

But what’s even more important is that innovative software pushes technological progress further. For example, who could imagine 30 years ago that augmented reality could be done through a thin pocket device? And that’s only one of the most basic things we have today as in the business area, there are countless other improvements that we don’t even notice.

What’s probably the best thing about the modern mobile application market is accessibility. You’re not obliged to learn program development at a university anymore, as you could simply turn to custom iOS app development agencies for professional help. Creating a piece of software is as easy as ordering pizza nowadays, just with a few extra steps.

Develop a Custom Application

Average Prices

However, the price of the end product is slightly different from the ones we just compared it to. The thing is, the average prices that Android and iOS app development services ask for creating a program can range anywhere from 40,000$ to 500,000$ or even more. There are many factors that impact the value of the software:

  • Size
  • Number of features
  • Complexity
  • Security
  • Third-party integrations
  • Platform support

Also, what’s very important is the location of the hired service. For example, in North America, the average hourly payment requested by the developers is 20-250$. In Australia and the UK, the range is a little bit more narrow – 35-150$ and 35-175$ respectively. Countries located in South America usually charge from 25$ to 125$ per hour of programming.

However, the prices stated above are considered somewhat high on the Android and iOS development services market. Because 2 most popular Eastern European destinations – Poland and Ukraine, only charge 35-80$ per hour. And the number goes even lower if we speak about India or Indonesia, where the hourly rate is in the range of 10-70$.

Importance of Location

As you can see, the prices vary a lot as they highly depend on the location of an iOS development center you turn to. Logically enough, the countries with lower average salaries have lower prices for the development. That means, it’s much more cost-effective to hire a service from Ukraine or India rather than turn to specialists from the USA.

But what’s the trick? Is there any difference besides prices? Well, there is no trick. It’s just that the local IT markets have a much lower cost of operation due to the country specifics. What’s even more important is that the prices that seem pretty low to you are still higher than average ones in those countries.

It’s kind of a perfect business opportunity for all 3 parties involved – clients, services, and their programmer employees. You, as a client, get a chance to receive top-quality services for ridiculous prices. The service benefits from that as well as these low-cost opportunities attract tons of clients. And the employees in the service, as well as other local talents, are getting paid many times more money than in other areas.

Now you may ask, “What about the quality? Should I expect a worse product if I pay less for iOS application development services?”. The answer is simple – the quality remains the same, or even potentially higher than in the most expensive locations. This is due to the rise of the IT industry in each of these regions.

As you can see, in Ukraine, Poland, and India, their governments realized that IT education is the perfect opportunity to provide their countries with tons of incoming investments as well as create the strongest IT markets on the planet. That resulted in the huge numbers of qualified and skilled IT specialists in all of these regions.

So, even though you pay less, you should only expect the best quality in every aspect. You can be absolutely sure that by turning to custom iOS app development services located in Ukraine, India, Poland, or Indonesia, you will never waste your money inefficiently.

Develop a Custom Application 1

Factors That Shape the Price

Now, let’s take a closer look at every single detail that may increase or decrease the cost of Android or iPhone application development services.


Size is probably the most obvious factor that impacts the cost of the process. But while the size of an end app is what you’re probably thinking about, it’s not always the determining factor. Because what’s much more important, is the size of the database, if it needs one. And trust us, in most cases, bespoke programs do need databases, for one need or another.

Of course, the more clients and employees you have, the larger the database will have to be, and the more complex solutions will be required to operate it. Size is also tightly connected with the app’s complexity.


Complexity is represented by the number of features, integrations, security layers, and of course, the code itself. First of all, you need to determine the main goal of your future program and if it will have secondary features. The more innovative and unique your idea is, the harder it will be to turn into code.

So, if you’re planning on implementing some mind-blowing features that nobody has ever thought about before, expect higher costs. And if you need tons of integrations, for example, payment systems or cloud service, you should aim at prices that are 1,2-1,8 times higher. The number goes even higher if you require tons of additional security to protect your and your future clients’ classified data.

Platform Availability

Some applications are web-based and can be accessed from any device. They’re sort of websites that are adapted to all the platforms but in the form of applications. They are called web programs and are the cheapest variants of the programs that you can order from Android or iOS mobile app development services.

Hybrid software is usually more expensive, as it tries to combine the advantages of all the platforms it supports. It needs to be adjusted to work perfectly on all of those, and you also have to find the middle ground in terms of the features available on each type of device. However, that also means that the product will be much more convenient to use and potentially, will have much better solutions for users.

Native software costs even more, as it’s developed for each platform separately. It takes all the benefits of a particular type of device and uses them to the fullest to make the user experience and the overall usability as good as possible. So, determine which one of the 3 types, or the combinations between them, you need.

Summing Up

There’s no simple answer to what it costs to order custom software from Android or iOS apps development services. First of all, you should choose the region where you’ll search for service. After that, you should think about what software you want to receive.

Don’t worry, though, as the best way to get to know what the price will be is by simply getting a consultation from the company you found. The professionals will not only explain to you how much it will cost but will also guide you through the whole process, and maybe even give some advice. So, we hope you find the right partner for any of your software needs. Good luck!

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.

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