Top 5 Apps You Need Before Your Next RV Trip In San Diego

San Diego is one of the most overlooked RV destinations in the United States.  As Outdoorsy notes, “The availability of RV parks less than or within an hour’s drive of the city center makes renting an RV in San Diego, CA a lot easier because it won’t be as challenging to connect to the city’s public transport system.”

We also live in a world where seemingly everyone is fully connected to their smartphones, whether it be for calling, texting, checking emails or the weather, researching information, and of course, using apps.

Failing to take advantage of certain RV related apps can be a major mistake. It’s not like your trip will be ruined without using these apps, but there’s no question that your trip will also be much easier if you use certain apps to your advantage.

Here are the top five apps that you need before your next RV trip in San Diego, presented in alphabetical order:

Adventure Treks RV Checklist

The Adventure Treks RV Checklist does exactly what the name of it suggests: it allows you to create and customize a checklist of all the items that you will need on your RV trip. You can also save data and important export the list as well.

Allstays Campground Plus

The Allstays Campground Plus is worth of note because it’s the most popular camping app currently in existence. The app has a database of nearly 30,000 different camping destinations, including service areas, truck stops, and National and State Parks.

Gas Buddy

It’s no secret that RVs and motorhomes are gas guzzling vehicles with poor fuel mileage. This is why finding the cheapest fuel in any area you’re passing through will be a priority for you if you’re on a serious budget. The Gas Buddy app locates the cheapest fuel prices in your area, and you can browse either by zip code or by city.

Good Sam Camping

The Good Sam Camping app has a database of over thirteen thousand RV and camping sites in North America. The app allows you to narrow your search by locations, ratings, and other factors. The app also provides you detailed information on each camping site as well.


Perhaps the most well-known app on this list is Yelp, which is a review and recommendation app that helps you find the highest rated restaurants and businesses in any area you’re traveling through. It’s definitely a valuable tool to have when you’re traveling through a new place and need to know where to go to eat, to stop by for the night, or to get mechanical work done on your RV.

Apps For Your RV Trip

Apps can really be more useful than we sometimes give them credit for. The apps that we have covered in this article will be the five most important ones to use on your next RV trip.

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