Top Five Cloud Phone Advantages for Small Businesses

How to Cut Costs for Small Businesses During Covid-19

Since the service is held and maintained by the provider, a cloud telephone may assist small and medium-sized businesses to leverage scarce IT budgets.

A cloud-based telephone can be set up by anybody, making it a popular solution for small businesses without a specialized IT staff in recent years.

Due to the simplicity of adoption and adjustability, small businesses without an IT staff may also profit. But using a virtual telephone line frees up critical IT manpower for many other important initiatives and apps in your company‟s plan.

What is a Cloud Phone?

A cloud telephone is a VoIP telephone program that utilizes a cloud-based IP channel to communicate. It’s offered totally through the Web and controlled fully off-site, reducing initial infrastructural expenses.

The installation and configuration are simple and rapid, saving businesses money on IT costs. Typically, you may get cloud telephones from a service supplier and pay on a monthly subscription basis.

Simply stated, with a cloud-hosted corporate network, you make calls via any gadget, like cell phones or computers, and the call transmission is transported through a Broadband connection that is linked to cloud-hosted computer servers.


Among the most important factors to consider when selecting a corporate telephone line is the cost.

Consider taking your time to figure out how many lines you’ll require, as well as your business’s development plans for the next several months, the number of employees that work from home, and the expenses of your current structure.

Check out setup fees, platform fees, subscriptions, ISDN/SIP trunking expenses, service charges, upgrade costs, and so on, in addition to the original price of the phone system you’re considering. It’s easy to compare the whole estimate to your present spending if you have a solid sense of the overall estimate.

Most essential, invest in the future of your organization. Put the money in a phone technology which helps you reach your company objectives by improving efficiency.


Evaluate how simple it is to scale the phone system when making your selection. How much will adding additional agents cost? Do you think you’ll need to invest in new hardware? Do you have to pay more for each new employee?

Some business phone telecommunications companies charge a fixed rate for a certain number of users, while others charge more specialized fees to suit your expansion.

You should double-check the price and simplicity of execution. The work telephone technology can help you scale your company smoothly as it grows.

Customer Service

Can you receive assistance if there’s a system interruption and your telephones are offline, and also how quickly? Throughout outages, customer service may make or break your professional image. To deliver the greatest services on time, you’ll need outstanding customer care from a reputable corporate telephony supplier.

Verify the customer support times and methods to reach the provider if anything bad happens before picking a supplier. Your company wants to be certain that you have a sense of security and also that help is just a phone call away if you somehow need it. You could also inquire about what your friends and colleagues have to say regarding a particular service supplier they’ve utilized.


Assembly, implementation, upkeep, repairs, and updates for corporate VoIP telephone services are all managed by the supplier. Seek for corporate telephone networks that have reduced maintenance fees without sacrificing performance.

Auto Receptionist

In a company telephone network, an auto-receptionist is an automatic response solution that routes incoming calls to the appropriate department or division.

Whenever you contact a corporation and are told to type a number to contact the appropriate department, it is an illustration of an automated receptionist. You may redirect callers to your staff without the need for a human controller as a remote concierge.

An automatic receptionist functions similarly to an Engaging Vocal Response (EVR) technology, except it relies on keyboard inputs rather than voice commands.

Bottom Line

Employing a cloud-based telephone network is advantageous since it reduces the expenses of maintaining your telephony network. They let your workers operate from everywhere as long as they have internet access. Hosted telephony services save your budget on telephone expenses for businesses. ULTATEL, Nextiva, and RingCentral are amongst the best cloud telephony providers.

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