How to Play Online Bingo?


Most people know the basics of how to play bingo, but may not be sure what exactly changes when playing online.  The truth is that the online version of the game is closer than you might think to what you have probably played at some point in the past, but there are also opportunities to mix things up. Let’s take a closer look.

Choose Your Room and Game

One of the advantages of online bingo is that many different variants of the iconic game can be found on the same site. This ranges from classic versions of 90 ball and 75 ball bingo to more modern alternatives. If you have only ever played one type of bingo, going online is the easiest way to try more. If we look at the example of the Betfair Bingo platform, we can see that their online bingo UK players can choose from the likes of Deal or No Deal Bingo and Age of the Gods Bingo as well as more traditional bingo gameplay.

These games are typically split across a number of different rooms, where similar games are played at different times of the day. Therefore, you can decide to stay in one room all the time, or else switch between them to find different playing experiences.

Buy Your Tickets

Once you have chosen your room and game, it is time to buy tickets. These are the bingo cards that you will need to take part in a game. The ticket price will be clearly marked on the website, and every ticket will normally cost the same, save for any special offers.

It is normally possible to buy more than one ticket for any particular game. If you want to increase your stake, just choose the number of tickets that suit you.

Check the prizes and number of players in the room to see if the ticket price looks like good value. Sometimes, the fewer players taking part, the better your chances are of grabbing a win. You may also be able to access free games at certain times of the day.

Mark Off Your Numbers and Chat

As the numbers are called out, you are called to mark them off on your card just as you would do in a traditional bingo hall. You might like to know the rhyming version of each number as you play. Marking them off is even easier when you play the game online. Interestingly auto-daubing – offered by the biggest bingo websites – is an auto-play option that means your numbers are marked off on your behalf as they are called. You might also see some useful indicators on the screen that let you know when a card is close to completion.

One of the advantages of auto-play is that you can freely chat with other players as the game progresses. Many bingo sites are home to welcoming communities of players who enjoy chatting as they play. Meanwhile, standing up and shouting “bingo!” is optional, as any wins will be automatically credited when you complete a line, a pattern or a card.

An Intuitive Approach

As we have seen, going online is an easy, intuitive avenue to take part in bingo games in the way that you prefer. With games available on a 24/7 basis, online bingo provides a highly accessible option for anyone who wants to enjoy this timeless game.

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