RTP, RNG and Slot Game paylines explained


In the modern landscape of online gaming, it can seem like there is a lot to learn.

Game formats such as online slot games at Umbingo, the subject of this following article, have grown and grown in recent years, pushing boundaries and gaining more players than ever before. Now far removed from the once humble fruit machine that adorned pubs, clubs, bars and chip shops across the country – and still do in fairness – the modern online video slot is a whole new beast.

There is a lot to enjoy and a lot to learn, as new bonuses and layouts have mixed up the age old formula to create some really engaging and ambitious titles. If you are new to this exciting new world of online slots, then you have to the right place, where we explain some of the key terms and phrases used in the sub-genre of online gambling.

From paylines to technical abbreviations that you need to know to get the most of your money and time spent spinning reels, this is your guide to online slots.

What does RTP mean in online slot games?

RTP is a vital abbreviation and one that you will on every single online slot game.

Pivotal in deciding what slot game you would like to play on amongst the plethora of titles out there, RTP stands for Return To Player. This is the term used to describe the percentage of all money wagered or betted, that a player will make back.

Of course, the element of luck and chance are in play as you spin, but these give an indication of your likelihood of winning. As an example a slot with an RTP of 97%, will be expected to back back 97 coins of you betted one coin each time for a hundred bets.

It it worth comparing this vital number whilst you are shopping around for an online slot to spin, as certain clots will suit your budget or your style of betting more than others.

What does RNG mean in online slot games?

RNG is your second abbreviation to learn. Standing for Random Number Generator, this is the system that is used to translate the slot machines of old, found in casinos and pubs, into online software that conjures up the same results.

Slot games need RNG certification to verify them as fair games and this Certified Fair Gambling title is something that all slots need. All the RNG does is generate true random numbers and these were once very simple pieces of software or hardware. With the growth in technology though, and with the threat of hackers, this RNG software has evolved to something more complicated but still flawless.

What are paylines?

All online slot games will have paylines and, essentially, it is along these paylines that you must match up your symbols in order to win.

Different titles will have differing numbers of paylines and even different layouts. That said, one classic format of online slots is a 5 reel, 237 ways to win slot, and people will quickly be able to get to grips with the paylines in such a format.

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