How to Remove Background from Image by FocoClipping?


Part 1: How to Remove Background from Image by FocoClipping

Whether you’re trying to design a brand logo or replace a picture’s backdrop, it’ll be crucial to delete the existing background first. A transparent background will shift the entire focus towards the main subject and it’ll become much easier to grab the user’s attention. While there are many tools you can use to remove background from image, FocoClipping is the best of all.

It’s an online background remover that’s specifically tailored to delete background from different types of pictures. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a logo or a portrait, FocoClipping will help you delete the background with a single click. Unlike other photo editing tools, FocoClipping is backed by Smart-AI. This means that FocoClipping will automatically detect the background of the image and remove it instantly.

Since you won’t have to manually mark the edges, the process will become less hectic and you’ll be able to remove background from any image. Let’s quickly walk you through some of the key features of FocoClipping that make it the best tool to remove background from image.

FocoClipping: Key Features

  1. Smart Remove

As we mentioned earlier, FocoClipping utilizes clever AI to remove background from image. The AI feature is capable of removing the background with precise edge detection.  This means you’ll be able to make your pictures transparent without losing any valuable details of the subject. Even if your image has multiple primary subjects, FocoClipping will achieve the desired results easily.

  1. Add Custom Background

Apart from removing background from your pictures, you can also use FocoClipping to add custom backgrounds to them. For instance, you could add a solid colored background to your pictures with FocoClipping. The tool has several built-in templates to help users quickly pick a background for their design. However, if you want to get more creative, you can also add your own backgrounds to the image.

  1. Manual Remove

One of the major advantages of FocoClipping is that it also comes with a dedicated “Manual Remove” mode. Let’s say you’re working on a highly complex image that contains 4-5 subjects with extreme details. In this case, you can switch to the “Manual Remove” mode and mark the edges of the subject manually to achieve the best results. This will also be an extremely useful feature if you are working on portraits and want to save every single detail such as the hair of the main subject.

  1. Editing Panel

Another reason why you should choose FocoClipping to remove background from image is its fully functional editing panel. Once you have removed or changed the background of an image, you can also make fine adjustments with the editing panel to make your pictures look more appealing. It’ll let you adjust different elements such as opacity and contrast. In fact, you can even apply exclusive filters to your pictures using FocoClipping.

How to Remove Background From Image By FocoClipping

So, now that you know what makes FocoClipping the best background remover, let’s take a look at the step-by-step process to remove background from your pictures in FocoClipping.

Step 1 – Open any web browser on your PC and go to


Step 2 – Then, click “Upload Image” and choose the picture whose background you want to remove. If the picture is available on a cloud storage platform, you can also upload it by pasting its URL.

Step 3 – Once the image gets uploaded, FocoClipping will automatically detect its type (Portrait, Product, or Graphic) and start removing the background. After the process completes, you’ll see the transparent image on the right side of the screen. However, if you want to make further adjustments to the image, you can also switch to the “Manual Remove” mode.


Step 4 – Finally, when you have achieved the desired results, simply tap the “Download” button in the top-right corner and choose the destination folder where you want to save the image.


Part 2: Why Choose FocoClipping to Remove Background from Image

As opposed to desktop applications such as Adobe Photoshop, FocoClipping is a comparatively more reliable tool to remove background from image. Unlike Photoshop, you won’t have to go through the hassle of manually marking the edges. FocoClipping’s Smart AI feature will automatically detect the background and remove it instantly. The cherry-on-top is the fully functional editing panel that’ll help enhance the overall quality of the picture and make it more captivating.

Another reason why FocoClipping is a better tool than Photoshop (and other similar applications) is that it’s available for free. You can use FocoClipping to remove background from multiple pictures without having to pay any subscription charges. So, if you’re also looking for an easy-to-use background remover, FocoClipping is the right tool for the job.

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