Top 5 Reasons Why Ruby on Rails is Relevant for Your MVP in 2021

Ruby on Rails came into being in 2004 and is going strong even in 2021. Recently, a new stable version of this amazing framework was released which makes it even more viable in today’s evolving time.

While Ruby on Rails is an ideal choice for every kind of software or service development, its great efficiency makes it the best bet for MVP development. MVP or minimum viable product is not an actual product. It is a kind of trial product that businesses or lean start-ups use to figure out the interest of the customers and increase the probability of success for the actual product/service.

A wide range of businesses uses this framework. If you’re wondering what would be an ideal approach to adopt for MVP development in 2021 then we would recommend you, Ruby on Rail (RoR). Scroll down to know why.

Know the Powerful Ruby on Rails 

Developed in 2004 under the MIT license, Ruby on Rails is a framework used for web application development. David Heinemeier Hansson takes the creation for the development of this framework. He used Ruby to develop this framework. Big giants like Airbnb, Dribbble, Github, Shopify, and the like have adopted this framework.

Why bank upon Ruby on Rails for MVP development? 

As the purpose of MVP development is to understand customers’ needs, it is crucial that it should be done using a flexible tool, adapts to changes easily, and is easy to use. Seeing this, RoR seems the ideal candidate.

  • RoR fits well in all the needs of MVP development 

In most cases, MVP development is accepted by young start-ups. We all know that young start-ups face issues like less workforce and limited investment.

So, MVP development must be least taxing and highly cost-effective.

Ruby on Rails meets these two requirements without any fail. RoR has a constant focus on simplicity. It is a highly concise programming language that is easy to understand.

While other programming languages focus on complex configuration, RoR chooses convention. There is no need to write huge chunks of tedious codes. It gave importance to quick and clean development. We won’t think twice to declare it as a programmer-friendly language.

Without getting tangled in complex coding and redundant parts of development, a programmer can generate an MVP project quickly.

As if this was not enough, Ruby on Rails offers assorted built-in development tools, flexible syntax, and ready-made modules. A wide range of pre-set configuration and default settings leverages the MVP development.

In a nutshell, it offers the best-of-breed assistance that any programmer would need for MVP development.

The direct impact of such comprehensive assistance is one of the costs of MVP development. One doesn’t have to hire a specialist or other supportive tools & technologies.

Also, it is an open-source framework. A wide range of software libraries is available for free. You will have zero-cost access to pre-built and utterly secure codes. So, MVP development becomes very pocket–friendly.

  • RoR prefers quality above all 

There is no point in having an MVP project which is not at all quality-focused. Some of the programming languages lack in-built quality tools. Ruby on Rails has a different course of action. It provides through and through support for test-driven development (TDD) and behavior-driven development (BDD).

These two development models have continual constant on the quality during the development process. They encourage developers to write a test before developing the codes. This is an ideal approach to trim down the incidents of the buggy codes and development costs. The result is a highly quality-driven, testable, and easy-to-maintain codebase.

Besides, it supports automated testing of the products. With automation testing, developers will have to be able to generate best-of-breed MVP projects in the least possible efforts.

  • RoR is highly secure 

After the recent update, Ruby on Rails has become more secure. It has incorporated a new range of security features that encourage RoR to remain updated and secure as much as possible.

When you’re using this framework, you can be double sure about the data security of your datasets. Ruby on Rails has evolved up to an extent of great maturity and stability.

The incorporation of Object-oriented and functional programming features have made it acquire hassle-free compatibility with high-end framework like AngularJS. Because of this MVP development can be achieved with full security and versatility.

Wait! We are not done. There is more to it.

RoR comes with in-built protection against attacks like XSS, CSRF, and SQL Injection. The addition of new security patches has made it one of the safest environments to work in.

  • Ruby on Rails offers future help 

In no ecosystem, only one MVP project is needed. If you aim for growth then launching new products/services is imperative. For this purpose as well, RoR is a perfect solution. The codes, developed on this framework, are usable.

Developers can create as many as codes needs and use them in the future by doing minor customization. It saves tons of effort and time for further MVP projects.

In addition to this, this framework stuns the practices of binding the existing application along with any particular database. Because of this facility, the backend data, used in an MVP project, can be modified, re-used, or configured without being worried about the change in the code. Such ability enhances the future MVP development by all means.

  • There is an active community support 

Regardless of your expertise, MVP project development is such a job that demands dependable mentoring for achieving great viability. When programmers are building MVP projects with Ruby on Rails, there is huge community support available for free. There are more than 150K gems and 31 billion downloads on this community.

All through these years, RoR has managed to build huge community support. The best side of the story, its community is highly active. Here, you will get to meet developers from across the globe, gain access to a huge library of codes and software, and real-time solutions for a developmental issue.

Ending Notes 

MVP development can play a huge role in the success of a service/project. But, it is crucial that it has been done with utmost perfection and accuracy. With Ruby on Rails, achieving these and various other functionalities in the MVP development is possible. It is because the focus of this web application development framework is on security, flexibility, and convention.

As the framework is regularly updated, it always remains relevant to the time. So, whether it’s 2004 or 2021, RoR is the first choice for those who want to accomplish MVP development on a budget without compromising on quality. It is an open-source solution, so it won’t cause any harm if you give it a try.

About Author-

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