How To Stay Motivated After A Midday Slump To Work Productively Until The End Of The Day?

How To Stay Motivated After A Midday Slump

Who doesn’t know the feeling of waking up in the morning, knowing that a full day of work is waiting ahead of you and you simply want to turn around in bed and go back to sleep? Well, as teasing as this sounds, in most cases you have to get up, get some energy from breakfast and get your day started. A couple of hours later you realise it’s already lunchtime, you feel proud of the work you have achieved, but you can hardly convince yourself to get back to your desk and work productively for a couple of hours until it’s the end of the day. Did you recognise yourself in this scenario? If you did, you might be about to find out various solutions and tips on how to increase your motivation and productivity levels after a midday slump.

First of all, let us look at what motivation is and why we need it. Motivation is essential in all parts of life, as it helps an individual to be goal-directed. In business psychology motivation is defined as inner needs, desires and wants that create the willingness among the employees to perform in the best of their abilities. Such desires can be job-satisfaction, the intrinsic desirability of an immediate or consequential outcome, money or the desire to fulfil self-esteem needs. If workers didn’t have the motivation to work, they would experience lower levels of income, the workforce would be much less efficient, and overall levels of happiness would likely be lower.

So how can you be more motivated and productive? Let’s look at four points that have helped me personally.

Goal setting – the first tip to increasing motivational levels is goal setting. By writing down a to-do list or a list of goals you want to reach by the end of the day, for example, you are more likely to feel the need to work harder, even after a midday slump. The reason for this is that you see the things you need to accomplish written down on paper, black on white and you feel encouraged to work towards them. As soon as you can cross something off the list, you sense a feeling of success. Give it a go!

Set deadlines – following the goal-setting point, the next tip is to set deadlines. By writing a to-do list you encourage yourself to produce a piece of work or complete an important assignment as soon as you can. However, by additionally setting a deadline, you put yourself in a position to work more focussed and productively in the time remaining until the deadline. Moreover, if you work in a team and your piece of work is essential for one of your colleagues, you might feel inspired to complete the task quicker, so your co-worker can finish his task sooner.

Use CBD oil – having attention and focus deficits during a workday, particularly during a midday lump, can be resolved by taking CBD drops or oil. CBD is a naturally occurring substance that’s used in products to promote a healthy balance in the body. CBD directly associates with the brain’s dopamine which is a chemical neurotransmitter that is in charge of memory, focus, and mental awareness. CBD can help you through your midday slump, by giving an impulse to the endocannabinoid system which results in clear thinking processes and constant and increased productivity levels. Why not try CBD oil which will give you a clean, energised boost and mental sharpness?

Avoid distractions – having a phone making constant noises because your best friend wants to discuss where to go for dinner on Friday night can be very distracting. Firstly, it’s good to reward yourself, so go on and plan your Friday night, but do it after work! By turning your phone off or muting it, you give yourself the chance to work on a task concentrated. Your attention span will be much higher, and creativity levels can actually increase when you work without distractions. Your mind will be much more focussed, and your productivity levels will increase.

Hopefully, you have now realised that it is very easy to reach high levels of productivity after a midday slump by motivating yourself! Just always keep in mind, that by working productively for a couple of hours a day, you will feel more successful after a shorter period of time than if you work less productively for a longer time span.


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