Are There Better Alternatives to Infoblox?


Are you looking for alternatives to Infoblox? Check out what Network Automation and Orchestration Tools are available. Users of Infoblox took this into account while making their purchases. When comparing alternative solutions, potential buyers evaluate capabilities in categories such as evaluation and contracting, integration and deployment, service and support, and unique product capabilities.

Why Do Organizations Need To Search For Alternatives To Infoblox?


Organizations need to have alternate solutions for network automation and orchestration tools like Infoblox for a variety of reasons. First, network automation can help to improve efficiency and accuracy by automating tasks that are typically done manually. This can free up time for other tasks, and it can also help to reduce errors. Second, network automation can help to improve scalability.

By automating tasks, organizations can add or remove devices more easily, and they can also more easily expand their networks. Finally, network automation can help to improve security. By automating tasks, organizations can more easily monitor their networks and identify potential security threats. As a result, alternate solutions for network automation and orchestration tools are essential for organizations.

Infoblox has more than ten alternatives if you are thinking of replacing Infoblox, including websites and apps for a range of platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

  1. SolarWinds

Solarwinds is a major participant in the field of IT and network administration and monitoring, and they also offer IPAM software. For network managers, this DDI/IPAM solution has a user-friendly web interface. Administrators can keep track of IP DHCP and DNS activity in real-time with automatic tracking. It also includes all of the more typical IP provisioning options.

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It lets you manage both cloud and on-premises networks. The use of an IP address is automatically tracked. Administrators can be notified when questionable activity is detected. Third-party APIs and CRUD processes can be connected to the solution, which is a useful feature.

  1. Php IPAM

Php IPAM is a completely free and open-source IPAM solution. It still offers an extensive online document library, as do most commercial solutions. It also uses a web-based user interface with a MySQL database backend and a PHP front-end web service.

Php Interactions with third-party APIs are also possible with IPAM. Networks can incorporate virtual LANs and virtual machines for management purposes.

  1. Bluecat DDI

BlueCat DDI is a full-featured IPAM that prioritizes automation and user-friendliness. BlueCat’s DDI serves as a single source of truth for network managers to prevent organizational uncertainty.

It can keep track of deployments on almost any platform, whether virtual or physical, cloud or local.

When it comes to DNS features, BlueCat DDI does not disappoint. To stop malicious traffic, its DNS firewall uses security threat feeds and RPZ rules.

  1. WhatsUp Gold IPAM

WhatsUp Gold is a well-known utility for network monitoring in general, but it also includes IPAM software. It focuses on providing administrators with the tools they need to see everything on their networks and swiftly solve problems.

Administrators are recommended to put up automated routines to simplify their duties rather than using manual methods when they install this product.

  1. Men & Mice IPAM

This IPAM focuses on creating an IPAM software solution that is simple to use. It gives administrators a full table of quarriable data, including information on all networked devices.

The solution enables quick network address changing, auditing, and provisioning for devices.

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It features some of the most detailed reporting capabilities of any of these tools, allowing administrators to “zoom in and out” of their network architecture to the tiniest of details.

It supports any major hardware appliance supplier and is ready to connect to any major cloud provider, making it one of the fastest “out of the box” solutions. Although there is no pricing information provided, there is a free 30-day trial available.

  1. NetBrain Technologies:

Their products can help organizations manage the networks more efficiently and effectively, making it easier to find and track down problematic devices. NetBrain Technologies’ solutions are also versatile enough to be used in a variety of different industries, so they can be very beneficial to any organization.NetBrain Technologies is a company that specializes in map-driven network automation solutions. These solutions can help your organization improve its efficiency and performance by automating tasks such as patch management, security scanning, and device management. NetBrain’s products are affordable, easy to use, and effective – making them a great investment for your organization.

Final Thoughts

Many organizations are turning to network automation and orchestration tools like Infoblox. These solutions offer a number of benefits, such as increased agility and efficiency. However, what happens if your organization’s primary tool fails? You need to have alternate solutions in place so that you can continue to operate smoothly. -Alternate solutions for network automation and orchestration tools can include SolarWind, PHP IPAM, Bluecat DDI, etc. No matter which option you choose, it’s important to make sure that the solution is compatible with your infrastructure and meets your organization’s needs.

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