Is Insfollowup The Best Way To Get Instagram Followers For Free?

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Managing and Instagram account is becoming more difficult. Gone are the days when you could easily create an Instagram account and start growing using hashtags. Now, the platform has become increasingly saturated because of which growth is becoming difficult. Gaining followers and getting more engagement on your account has become an uphill task.

Enter Insfollowup, the newest service that promises users free Instagram likes and free Instagram followers. The service claims to provide free Instagram engagement to users which helps them get organic growth without spending thousands of dollars.

We tested the service so that you don’t have to.

What is Insfollowup?

Insfollowup is a solution for getting free Instagram likes and followers. The service provides completely free account engagement to users without demanding their passwords. All engagement is 100% organic and ensures that users don’t have to take useless surveys or risk their privacy. The service also provides better security of the account.

How to get free likes and followers on Instagram?

Insfollowup provides users an easy way to get free Instagram followers and likes. Users simply need to visit the website, sign up and start getting their free organic engagement. The website also offers paid likes and followers to users who want to gain a higher number of followers. There is no other way in which you can get likes and followers so easily.


We signed up on the service with five different accounts and different niches and found that getting likes and followers was equally easy. During the one week in which we tested the service, none of the accounts got blocked or shadow banned from Instagram, which is a testament to the great service provided by the platform.

The service simply lets users earn coins for liking and following each other. The more coins you get, the more you can spend on getting likes and follows. It is a good mechanism for increasing organic engagement without having to compromise their accounts.


The application can be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones.

The final verdict

We liked the look and design of the app- which is simple and tells you what to do very effectively. The app isn’t too fancy and gives you the most important information first so you can get to work. It works like a good system to help users like and follow each other, which helps in increasing overall engagement and discovering interesting accounts as well. What is particularly interesting about the app is how easily it works. You can start getting free likes and follows from the moment you download the app.

Overall, our team gives a 4.5/5 rating to the app for its incredible design, simple usage and a highly secure but effective Instagram account growth experience.

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