Mobile Games Like Raid: Shadow Legends – Analogues and Competitors

Mobile Games Like Raid

Do you know how mobile games like Raid Shadow Legends are similar to Lego? And here and there, by combining shapes, you can create something new. Only in the raid, instead of dice, heroes with their abilities and artifacts. One of the reasons why people play RPG games is because of the choice. RAID: Shadow Legends is one of the most popular games for mobile devices. Every day more and more players want to get acquainted with the famous RPG, download the game, and quickly enough time to try out all the activities offered by the developers.

Mobile Games Like Raid

If you go to the official website of the game developers, then right on the main page, there is a special line with the number of downloads – the number has exceeded 72 million.

What Other Games are Similar To Raid Shadow Legends?

There are many other mobile games like raid shadow legends out there, but few of them live up to the standards of Raid: Shadow Legends.

Here are some popular options:

  • Summoner’s Glory
  • Summoners War
  • Marvel Strike Force
  • Epic 7
  • Awaken: Chaos Era
  • AFK Arena
  • Dragon Champions
  • Genshin Impact

Like other mobile games like Raid Shadow Legends that are officially added to Playmark or Apple Store, the game is safe and has no hidden security threats. The security of accounts is 90% dependent on the players themselves. Here are all the rules, follow common sense:

  • Do not give your password and login to anyone.
  • Do not follow strange links.
  • Do not try to use services not provided by the game.

What exactly is RAID: Shadow Legends?

But the first impression of RAID: Shadow Legends is as deceptive as ever before. The heroes from the tutorial are the only ones in the game with at least some kind of character and lines. All other characters are not just wooden idols without voices and personalities – they didn’t even get text backstories. Some games are much better than Raid Shadow Legends, as they have a more pronounced history of characters and factions that give the impression of complete immersion in the gameplay.

Sometimes it happens on the contrary that the character has an interesting background but does not have a pleasant and memorable appearance. The reason for this may be a lack of resources and development time. In this case, it is better to seek outsourcing help and discover fantasy character concepts for the game.

Their external uniqueness also turns out to be false. If the rarest heroes often do not look like anyone, then almost all characters of a lower rank are recorded copies of each other. In addition, specific design problems are noticeable. Although it is difficult to find fault with the models’ quality, there are not so many heroes with a genuinely memorable appearance. Most of the characters look secondary: the design of not just heroes but several factions at once seems to be taken entirely from some Warhammer or Warcraft.


But that’s no reason to stop looking for games better than Raid Shadow Legends. The playgrounds are filled with good games but which require attention.

Even the most undemanding user can easily find several much better analogues in the app store at once, and the hardcore part of the community has long figured out that it is better to bypass this game. The game has a lot of annoying elements that overshadow the gameplay, so if you don’t like it, pay attention to the games presented in this article.

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