Propeller ads: Features & Price of mobile advertising platform

Propeller ads

Propeller ads is an ad network which lays its bases in the UK. The ad promises revenue for 100%of your international traffic. It has the highest possible CPM. Transportation from the top tier countries like us, Canada UK, and Australia generates the maximum CPM. However, it also has higher CPM rates for lower-tier countries compared to other networks.


  • Over 750 million daily ad impressions daily.
  • Propeller Ads is the largest traffic source.
  • It is well-known by all affiliate thread impressions per day.
  • The ad has over 350 million push subscribers from other countries. More than 3billion users generate in a month.
  • The company has grown to be the highest advertising ads. It covers over one hundred million users.

Propeller ads have the most magnificent mobile advertising platform working network. Based on support and approvals, they offer the best services. However, they offer the best CPM rates compared to any other system. It is the most fabulous alternative as compared to Google AdSense. The ads work on different models like CPM, CPC, and CPS, and minimum payouts of 5$ are a great deal for small publishers. They have a well-organized platform that is user friendly. There are no limitations set on earnings from propeller ads. It is a good and legit website that pays its publishers on time. The majority of publishers earn $100 per day from propeller ads.

Wide range of cross- platforms ad formats

Propeller ads are well-known for pop-under ads. They serve as adult ads. They include other formats which are essential in income earnings. Some forms available for the strike purposes include. Push notifications are a unique format. Bloggers use it to deliver the message directly to users. Ponder formats open a new browser behind the browser window. Native ads appear relevant alongside the organic website content. There are crevices as well as quick links format platforms.

Support team

Every industry should have excellent and quality customer helps its businesses to thrive. Propeller ads have an excellent customer service team. The customer care reps engage the customers in live chats. They are friendly and ready to help. The customers, according to the asked questions. The support team is prepared to offer support.

Mobile advertising

Propeller ads offer advertising ads for mobile-friendly websites. Publishers can display dialogue ads, interstitial, and push-upon their mobile-friendly website. Picking on the right ads type depends on the kind of blog or website. Native direct ads help one make money directing to a link. Web pushes up ads serve publishers best. It provides web alerts to its members, and the pop-under ups pop in another window behind the original one. They have a maximum CPM rate, works well with mobile visitors, and are better compared to inappropriate pop-up ads.

Propeller ads for mobile Advertisers

Propeller Ads offers an excellent service and formats platform. Publishers can control their targets campaigns’. These are in various browser and location, and ad formats used to launch attacks include-push alerts, mobile interstitial, and clicks. The ads are all about increase at its best.

Propeller ads list available chances, sales, and markets. For publishers, networks across the platform ad. They include push alert and mobile interstitial. Mobile dialogue, direct links, and click. The minimum payouts for the publishers are $25. Payments are via PayPal, Pioneer bank transfer Web Money, and cash. In publisher, no minimum traffic requirements. They are easy to set up. Their referral program of 5% lasts for a lifetime. So, Propeller Ads makes advertising easy and rewarding

Propeller ads pricing and conversions

Propeller ads prices are on the offer. Available at the site, the niche, and your budget. Depending on the CPM, the typical ranges are from 50 cents to $5in general. It is based s on the traffic of the country. Lifestyle blogs have low CPMS and other niches ranging in between them. For some slots, you may likely get high clicks where others you may get above 50. These numbers are reflective of some experiments. They are all based on the end of the publisher.


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