A Guide for Business Owners: 2 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Customer Service

Providing high-quality customer service should be one of your top priorities at all times. If it isn’t, more often than not, you will end up pushing your consumers away as they go off in search of a business that provides them with a much better experience. As a result, not only will you miss out on making a profit yourself, but you will actually drive it into the hands of your competitors.

Fortunately, improving your customer service need not be a task that you face alone. There is a plethora of ways technology can assist you in this instance, two of which can be found below.

Embrace chatbots

Chatbots are a technological self-help tool that make businesses more accessible. They make it possible for customers to interact with companies without their having to be any human interaction on the company’s part. As a result, the organizations that embrace this type of tool are afforded the opportunity to provide 24/7 customer service without them having to employ their workforce around the clock. This results in more sales being generated and a deeper rapport being built with consumers, all while money is saved with regards to the all-important overhead cost of staff wages.

Some of the ways in which chatbots are proven to improve customer service include:

  • They provide a quick response
  • They cultivate engagement
  • They reduce human error
  • They provide customers with an alternate means of communication

Your business doesn’t have to be the size of Amazon for it to be able to make use of chatbots. You should seek to read some chatbot resources over at Drift, gain a better understanding of how you can implement one on your company website, and go ahead and embrace this type of technological tool sooner rather than later. If you do, your customers — especially those that live in a different time zone to the one that you primarily work in — will be sure to thank you.

Use social media

One of the best ways to harness your consumer relations and ultimately improve your customer service via the web is to use social media. Via the Internet’s various social platforms, you can spark conversations about your product range, you can showcase your accomplishments and your customer testimonials, and you can portray your business in any way you see fit.

When seeking to use social media in your bid to improve your customer service experience, it’s important to put your experts on the frontline. There’s an art to interacting with people via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so it’s important that you hire a social media expert. Once on your side, this expert will:

  • Drive targeted traffic to your website and blog
  • Boost your site’s SEO
  • Increase your reach and your interactions with quoted experts
  • Help you to understand your audience a lot better
  • Build up loyalty in your brand
  • Keep you on-trend

By embracing chatbots and making use of social media, you will be sure to improve your customer experience in no time.