Resolved: Leaking Printer Cartridge Issue

leaking Ink Cartridges

A leaked cartridge can create a mess all over the area. It can spoil your school assignments or important business documents. And at the end, leave your printer in the worst condition. But do not worry, this is slightly common if you are using remanufactured or compatible cartridges. On the other side, users using HP, Lexmark, Canon Brother ink cartridge found fewer issues in printers. But do not worry, this write is designed to help you. Before letting you know how to solve the leaking printer cartridge. Let’s discuss the reasons for leakage, things to check and how to fix printer cartridge leakage problem.

Causes of Printer Cartridge Leakage

  • If your cartridges do not have a good seal, and still you insert it into the printer. It will stop working start leaking.
  • If you refill the cartridge with irrelevant tools or may make a big hole in the dum. It will definability start leaking.
  • Sometimes, in a try to fix a poor seal and inserting the cartridge back to its position with hard force. It can damage the cartridge or may affect the seal. Any of the issues end with leaked printer cartridge problem.
  • If you are using a third party cartridge, be prepared there are high chances of leaking cheap quality ink.

Things to Check

Once your printer cartridge starts leaking, there are some details to check before start repairing.

#1 For Toner Cartridges

A laser printer cartridges work with 50 small and big moving parts. If any of its parts get damaged, it will affect printing quality and starts leaking. This is called a component failure issue. Only a replacement is its solution. On the other side, toner damage can also occur during shipping. There are chances that it may drop badly and get damage.

#2 For Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printer cartridges use liquid ink. Therefore, it has higher chances to leak during transport. It’s drum also affected by sharp edge items. Even a high temperature is another culprit for ink leakage problem. So, always check and match the external environment temperature with defined in the user manual. Some users do not pay adequate attention to storage conditions and keep unused cartridge near the window or in direct contact with light. Be ready, it also becomes a reason for ink cartridge leakage.

How To Fix Leaking Printer Cartridge Issue?

Printer cartridge leakage is a common issue in many models. Improper packing, poor handling conditions during transportation, irrelevant storage conditions are some of the above-discussed reasons. Paying attention to these can solve printer cartridge leaking problem to much extent.

There are a number of methods to fix printer cartridge this problem. Some of them are time-consuming and others are the straightforward solution. So, let’s know the easiest one in a step by step details.


Remove printer cartridge from the printer and wipe printer and cartridge with a wet cloth. You can also use an alcohol base wipe to clear the all-around mess. But do not use a water-based solution, as it can damage the printer.


The clean the print head, sometimes the space between printhead and printer cartridges carry dust, dirt and other particles. That can result in leakage due to faulty printer cartridges components.


Rub a cloth (prefer white or light shade) or tissue on printer cartridge, until leakage area is not identified properly. If everything seems ok and the cloth does not get coloured, means printer cartridge is absolutely fine otherwise move on.


Once you find the exact location of the leakage, handle the faulty unit carefully. You will also see cracks on the device or printer cartridge. Do not stop squeezing until the defect is detected.


Wipe printer cartridge, use a piece of large tape to cover the affected area. This will immediately stop ink leakage. Keep in mind, carefully place tape on the affected area and make it as smooth as possible. Otherwise again it can affect your printing process.

Replace printer cartridge in the machine, as it will save future leakage.

If you are able to use the above steps successfully, you can easily save ink leakage in future. In addition, do not hesitate to share this post with the victims face the same issue in printers and printer cartridge. With this, remember, do not try to save a penny and go by the third-party cartridge. Always choose original printer cartridges, so that you will never meet with this issue in the future.

Even if you meet, their easy return policy can save you from finding an issue or cleaning problem.

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