The significance of Quppy


Quppy is an innovative app providing multicurrency operations with crypto and fiat assets. This app presents a unique cross-platform crypto wallet that supports the widest range of currencies. The best thing about this multi-currency licensed crypto wallet is that it supports multiple languages and is focused on security. This app was enterily manufactured by Quppy Europe OU. Quppy Wallet is highly compatible with iPhone, iPad as well as Android touch.

With Quppy users do not have to struggle any more for finding different wallets for various crypto accounts. With the help of this latest wallet users are now able to share crypto assets by creating as much wallets in one currency as needed. Along with the cutting-edge security features, this next generation wallet can exchange a wide range of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, bitcoin cash and litecoin. Quppy Wallet also allows transactions in different crypto (eth, steem, stratis, ripple) and fiat currencies (USD, Euro, other) in the nearest future.

Thus, Quppy wallet has come up with some kind of unique solution for various types of purchasing, selling as well as managing the crypto and fiat assets. Quppy Wallet is developed for both individuals and legal entities supporting some classic banking services in crypto. It is a multiple currency payment application as well as a decentralized storage allowing users to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies.

The Quppy wallet various features

You may have used a lot of wallets but the one by Quppy is totally different. This is a type of wallet that is designed to permit the user sharing the crypto assets with the help of various accounts inside a single wallet as far as inside the decentralized storage system.

On the contemporary market, user plays several roles such as the cardholder, buyer, seller, investor, borrower at the same time. This complicates interactions a lot. With the help of Quppy Wallet, various problems that user usually used to face can be solved by bundling all the required services inside one infrastructure.

Quppy Wallet provides superior security to its users. Since Quppy Wallet is based on the Blockchain technology, it provides secure decentralized storage of users’ assets. Moreover, Quppy Wallet is formed of various advanced security features such as unique private key and secure storage system.

The Quppy wallet benefits

Quppy Wallet has numerous benefits such as:

  • It is a fully functional financial platform
  • An AML licensed Quppy Bank.
  • It is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.
  • It allows users to do any kind of transactions in crypto and fiat currencies.
  • It has a user-friendly intuitive interface

Thus, it’s obvious that Quppy Wallet is an out of the box app with an extremely user-friendly interface that has eased all kinds of financial services. So hurry up to download this app on your smartphone! If you use an iPhone, you can easily download this app from AppStore and the Android users are welcome to download Quppy Wallet from PlayStore.

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