Top 7 Essential Tips For Real Estate Video Marketing

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A real estate company has to attract a specific group of people interested in buying a property. To reach them or make them aware of your name and website, real estate online marketing through video is essential.

Video is the best way to move forward and visually display each property feature. It is an effective marketing strategy that allows you to connect with your target audience and take your business to new heights.

Nowadays, most people have access to smart devices, allowing real estate businesses to connect with their audience on appropriate marketing channels. It is a way to visually convince and convert them, offer them relevant information, and show them property from any part of the world. Real estate video marketing can get your business the momentum it deserves.

As per a well-known Australian Real Estate Group, listing a property with a video has helped them gain 400% more inquiries than usual. It allowed them to generate prospective buyers or quality leads and increase their chances of conversion. Therefore, if you have not already made video marketing a part of your real estate growth strategy, you are missing out on a whole new dynamic to develop your business.

Let’s look at 7 effective real estate video marketing tips that will help you get real-world results:

Tip 1: Plan out your strategy in advance

To find success with your real estate video marketing strategy, you have to plan out things in advance. If you know how to create an online video but have no knowledge of the right level of quality, obtaining relevant results would be tough. So, make sure your real estate marketing strategy has a plan to move forward.

Whenever focusing on video marketing strategy for your real estate company, know the type of video required, its focus, video content that connects with the audience, ways to film and edit it to get the best results. Finally, invest in the right tools to promote it.

Strategize your video marketing and avoid wasting your time and money on unnecessary marketing.

Tip 2: Highlight your testimonials

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Trust is the factor to move forward. To gain the trust of your target audience, you must highlight the experiences of your most recent customers. The best way to do so is by giving them access to testimonials. Since testimonials act as powerful social proof, knowing exactly what type of testimonial to have on your website can be very beneficial when converting prospective clients into buyers.

Being a real estate company or marketer, you must show happy homeowners talking about their positive experiences in your videos. It will reach out to the individuals and establish trust. Additionally, to convince happy customers to be a part of your video and talk about their experience, you have to treat them like royalty and offer them the best after-sales services.

Tip 3: Set a budget

Producing videos without an appropriate budget might give you a quality video, but it will burn a hole in your pocket in the long run. Therefore, we encourage you to focus on polished and perfect media production at an appropriate budget.

In the real estate industry, people buy what they see; so, production quality should be a prime focus for any business. They should focus on creating a visually pleasing video that can talk to the target market. Everything should be on point, from drone footage to swanky music, to give a real-world experience. So, plan to invest more in media production whenever setting a budget.

If you are working with a tight budget and want a quality video, take the help of a real estate online video editor.

Tip 4: Make your videos following a storytelling strategy

Buying or selling a new property is not just a financial decision, but also requires personal and emotional experience. Even when you have a beautiful property, if the buyer cannot connect with it emotionally, they are unlikely to buy it. Therefore, whenever you are producing a video, get into a storytelling habit.

Storytelling will help the target audience to experience the property differently and add an emotional appeal to the overall effort. You can also have people in the video to instantly win over your client’s heart.

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Tip 5: Don’t just sell a property, but also sell the lifestyle and location

Buyers don’t just want to buy a property because of what it has inside; they are also looking for the location and neighborhood. Therefore, in your real estate online marketing strategy, pay attention to the location and lifestyle too. You should definitely display the features of the property, but also, give them an idea of how they can change their lifestyle there. Showcase the beautiful views and connectivity from the property.

Tip 6: Design short videos

People nowadays get attracted to short and crisp videos. A video loses viewers for every extra second it runs. So, considering their requirements and viewing behavior, you must keep your video’s time duration under 5 minutes.

You should let your real estate video look like a small movie and build engagement and interest throughout by following the storytelling approach. You should display the property in a short, crisp, and compelling manner.

Tip 7: Leverage the power of 360 degree videos

When selling a property online, it becomes essential to highlight its every feature and surface properly. And this is where real estate video marketing strategy helps. However, while designing a regular video, you might miss out on some parts of the property and leave your target audience in doubt.

So, this is where you can take advantage of 350 degree videos. It allows you to highlight every property detail through video and works as an online tour. It removes the distraction and gives your audience a feeling that they are physically present on the property.


These were 7 tips to get noticed through your real estate video marketing strategy. It is a growing field that allows you to produce videos and take your business to the next level.Make sure you understand your target audience, their needs, set a budget, highlight your skills, and fulfill your business goal.

So, what are you waiting for? Make videos a part of your real estate online marketing strategy and explore more market opportunities.

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