What are turnover requirements and how they function in online games?

What are turnover requirements and how they function in online games?

Turnover- the much-dreaded word has the power to trigger traumas even with the most skilled online gamers. Despite the fact there are many who will claim turnovers are made in hell by Satan himself, the truth is, as usual, far more simple and not scary at all. Customers playing on poker platforms, casino Mastercard establishments, and online slot parlors will face them sooner or later. So, isn’t it better to get familiar with the enemy? If you ask Gilfred Helmonsen, the iGaming specialist from Norway, there is no enemy at all!

Helmonsen is one of the best Scandinavian experts in online gaming (read his bio here), and understands the bad rep turnover gets. However, he has chosen to be the devil’s advocate, and explain why they aren’t complicated at all. “Turnover is simply the number of times you have to play a certain amount before you can make a withdrawal. If you play at good and regulated casinos, like those licensed by the UKGC, you shouldn’t be afraid of it”, says he.

Two Types of Casino Turnover

If you think there is only one type of casino turnover, you are very wrong. Many players don’t know this requirement can be applied in two ways. The first one is deposit turnover, meaning you have to play your whole deposit at least once before a withdrawal can take place. Some companies might ask you to do so two or three times, and not only once. But why?

“Casino is not a bank, and all deposits have to be played. This common stipulation also helps prevent money laundering, and using the establishment as a banking institution”, explains Helmonsen.

Another type of turnover is far more famous – the bonus turnover. Also known as bonus wagering requirement, playthrough, or rollover, it is the number of times you have to play the bonus money in order to become eligible for a withdrawal. It is far more complex than the deposit turnover, as it combines different elements.

At some casinos, you might have to play only the bonus money, and sometimes you will have to wager both the deposit and the bonus a certain amount of times. The time you get to reach the turnover also varies, as well as what games contribute to the turnover. Helmonsen is pretty open when he says the most important thing you should focus on is the magical number listed as the rollover requirement: “It tells you a lot, not only about the bonus but a casino as well.”

What is a Good Casino Games Turnover?

One might think that the lower the turnover, the better the deal, but Helmonsen wouldn’t necessarily agree: “You have to also think about the maximum bet, as the lower it is, the longer will it usually take. Also, the turnover requirement and the deadline should be in proportion. Finally, take a look at the list of excluded games, as you don’t want to be stuck with mediocre slot machine titles you hate.”

In his opinion, a solid deposit turnover is once, or maybe twice, while a good bonus rollover is between x30 and x35. He thinks up to x40 is tolerable, but everything above x50 shouldn’t come close to considering. “The last piece of advice would be to play with highly regulated casinos, so there is no way they can interfere with the requirement once you reach it. Such brands are monitored by specialized agencies and have all rules transparently written. I would take such a casino any time of day, even if it had a bit higher turnover requirement”, suggests Helmundsen.

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