What Does Payout Percentage Actually Mean For The Casino Customers?


Online casino players often look at the payout rates before choosing a certain game. The payout is nothing but a chance of winning given as a percentage. Calculating winning probability may be a real challenge but online platforms do their best to provide players with enough statistics. This allows understanding how much a site pays in relation to the amount that players spend. However, choosing a casino with the highest payout percentage is a bit overrated and mathematically approved data shouldn’t be the only instrument when choosing a particular site.

Payout percentages: definition

It is not a secret that casinos aim to make money and when a certain sum is gambled, providers expect to keep a part of the winning to themselves. That is how online casinos run not depending on whether they are top international sites or new market players. This is how online casino real money is generated.

The payout percentage is a percentage of the total sum that is returned to a player if he wins. Reputable online casinos publish this data on the website, so gamblers get an idea of what to expect when choosing a particular title. But don’t be fooled by this figure because higher RTP doesn’t mean that the casino is entirely worth your attention: there is a range of other factors to keep in mind.

However, payout percentage remains one of the most useful indicators that shows players what winnings it is possible to expect. RTP is an average figure and can be applied both to casinos and separate games. The last is more informative and gives a clearer picture of the potential payout.

RTP rates are usually indicated in percent at the information bar of every game. For example, if the payout percentage equals 96% and a player makes a $10 bet, he may receive $9,60 back in case of winning. Remember that these numbers are statistics and don’t mean that you will return almost all the money you have invested into the game.

Payout percentages are sometimes taken for cashing out. However, it is a mistake because the last means withdrawal of winnings, when you decide to leave the game.

Authorities to review payout rates

There are international organizations and commissions that also check RTP rates of different games and casinos. They aim to make sure that payout percentages are not exaggerated or false. Here are the best RTP authorities that can be trusted:

  • A UK-based independent testing company that is considered one of the leading regulators in the gambling world. For over 15 years they have gained multiple awards and when you see the eCOGRA seal on the casino’s website, be sure that it can be trusted;
  • GLI. Gaming Labs International concentrates on certifying and testing of gaming services. Their standards are extremely high and not many casinos are able to meet the requirements;
  • The UK Gambling Commission is a famous name in the gambling community. It encourages players to reach them if any issues arise, so UKGC is a secure commission not only for online casinos but also for gamblers;
  • The Malta Gaming Authority is among the leading gaming authorities in the modern market. Apart from strict requirements, they take care of customers and provide timely assistance and support.

Should payout percentage be trusted?

A payout percentage is an arithmetic mean of all the games a casino offers: some of the titles have a high rate, while others – a rather low one. It is always better to find out the RTP rate of a game you are interested in, and not a general payout percentage of the casino.

We always recommend playing trial versions and getting familiar with all the rules and regulations before playing real money games. Thus, you will always be safe and will get maximum pleasure from the game.

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