Which School Should You Send Your Child To?


Parents want the best for their children. That’s why it can be so difficult to choose a school for them, especially with so many options out there. But before you send your child off to the classroom, here are nine factors to consider when choosing a school:

1. Visit the school and see what it’s like to be a student there

It’s important to take the time to visit the school and see what it’s like for your child. What do they do there? How are students taught? Are their teachers available after class to talk with parents? If you can’t visit, try to find some pictures online or even videos of the school in action.

2. Ask about how class sizes are handled

In a British International School, class sizes tend to be much smaller than in the US. This may mean your child gets more individual attention and can learn at a better pace than they would in their home country, but it also means you’ll want to ensure that enough teachers are available for all the students. You’ll also want to ask how many students there are per teacher and if they have enough teachers to manage that many students.

3. Look into the curriculum for different grade levels

Different schools tend to focus more on certain grades than others. In some American schools, kindergarten is when formal academics usually begin in earnest, whereas in most Indian or Chinese schools, children start learning English and math in preschool.

There are schools where the focus is on standardized testing from a very early age, while others put more weight on artistic or creative projects that allow kids to develop their unique gifts. Knowing these key differences can help you find the right school for your child.

4. Find out if they have extra-curricular activities available

If your child likes to be active, their school must have the right amount of sports or other physical activity opportunities. You may also want to ask about music lessons, art classes, or even coding clubs to help your child develop further.

5. Ask about their facility and resources

Where is the school located? Is it in a safe area where there’s enough room for everyone to play without fear of getting hit by traffic or run over? What about bathrooms and other facilities, like places where children can go if they get sick? These are all important questions to ask when choosing a school for your child.

6. Figure out what student services are available

If your child needs to have an Individualized Educational Plan(IEP) in place, then you’ll want to make sure that the school has one before you enroll them there. You should also look into whether they provide after-school care and what sort of sports teams they have.

7. See if it’s a good fit for your child and their personality

Wherever you send your kid should be somewhere that they’re excited to go. You want them to jump out of bed in the morning and get dressed quickly because they can’t wait to get there. Does the school seem like a good fit for their age? If it’s too much, then they’ll feel overwhelmed; if it’s not enough, they’ll be bored, and it can lead to behaviour problems.

8. Ask about their philosophy of education

Most schools have a specific educational philosophy that they adhere to. Some are more formal, focusing on grades and testing. Others focus more on creativity and helping students discover their passions through projects and activities. Ask about the school’s beliefs so that you know whether it will be a good fit for your child.

9. Discover the teacher turnover rate

It’s important to determine the turnover rate in a school before deciding whether to enroll your child there. If teachers are leaving often, it could be because there aren’t enough resources and support for teachers. It may also mean that students tend to leave quickly after arriving.

If you want your child to get the most out of their education, then you’ll want them to spend enough time in one school that they can form lifelong connections with teachers and earn good grades. This is because if the teacher turnover rate is too high, it may lead to more stress than what your child needs.

As a parent, you’ll want your child to have the best education possible. That’s why they must attend a school where teachers are happy and well-supported. This is why parents must research schools before enrolling their children there. To ensure that you’re choosing the right one, consider all of these points when evaluating different schools. You’ll be glad you did!

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