20 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile App for Your Business


Mobile technology has become an indispensable part of our life. 69.2% of people all around the world use mobile phones and by 2019 this number is said to increase by 4%. It is a proof that mobile phones are used in multiple spheres and for an abundance of purposes. Their main feature to connect people to each other by means of voice communication is only one of many others they have acquired for years.

Today, a mobile phone is of utmost importance for businesses providing them with many benefits and possibilities, so every business owner needs to hire mobile developers to take advantage of them. You may wonder how a simple mobile phone can help your business to thrive. Look through 20 reasons why it is not only a necessity, it is a must-have.

  1. Join the era of mobile age

The modern world goes mobile on a daily basis. The number of people using mobile phones and apps is growing incessantly, and there are lot of mobile app development services rising up,so following behind means to be non-competitive.

  1. Improve communication with clients

A mobile app is a good way to offer your clients a new way of communication. Chats, notifications, messages are only some of the examples to be closer to your audience.

  1. Make advertising campaigns personalized

An app gives an opportunity to see what interested your leads and offer an exclusive personalized experience to them. It may be a discount on certain products or unique offer.

  1. Get flexibility

A mobile application can be accessed from any point of the planet. That is why it is a necessity to build your own mobile app to move ahead at the global level.

  1. Save on personal digital assistants

A modern mobile phone or tablet can replace multiple devices including PDA. You can develop a brand application and issue tasks, control or learn important data from your employees using it.

  1. Make your presence close

Many people doubt when they look for a product to buy. If you regularly remind of your existence with pleasant messages, be confident that the decision will be made in your favor.

  1. Get round-the-clock access to your customers

A mobile app for your startups is the only possible way to be connected with your customers and leads 24 hours a day.

  1. Keep the competitors behind

The development of the latest and highly functional app that meets all the standards of quality will leave any competitor far behind.

  1. Improve networking

It is very important to maintain business relationships not only with your clients but also partners. A mobile application can make partnership comfortable and enthusiastic.

  1. Increase the revenue and sales

The main goal of most businesses is to get a bigger profit. It can be achieved only when you manage to increase the revenue and sales. A Mobile App for Your Business can be a perfect means to achieve it.

  1. Make your brand more visible

Modern apps are closely connected with social platforms, redirect clients to the brand website, customer support or online store. All this makes your brand’s visibility extended.

  1. Attract more clients

Modern people spend about 5 hours a day on their mobile devices and more than half of all purchases are made from the mobile phone too. If you take into account this fact, your number of clients can grow quickly.

  1. Keep engaged

It is significant to keep your customers engaged if they have already installed the app you offer. Always remember to offer only positive user experience to maintain productive relations with your clients.

  1. Gather insights

An app is a perfect way to learn what your customers appreciate about your company, products, and services and which drawbacks must be corrected.

  1. Offer improvements

When you have learnt what must be improved about your company, a mobile app is a great way to present these improvements to everyone.

  1. Advertise your new products

More often people learn about new products from the mobile apps as not always they can visit the main website or company office or store. Never neglect an opportunity to let your clients feel encouraged for being the first to offer your novelties.

  1. Get access to the new audience

We got used that mobile phones are used by teens and young people predominantly. However, millennials tend to spend up to 1.5 hours on the mobile apps today too. Why not make them your leads as well?

  1. Boost the traffic to your website

By developing a mobile app for your own company you can increase traffic to your main website providing links to its pages. Higher traffic will improve the positions of the website in the search engine search results and attract more possible customers.

  1. Provide new instant experience

Mobile applications are listed by Google and Apple app stores with minimum speed requirements. That is a guarantee of quick and seamless access to any application including yours.

  1. Be a part of social media networks

Social media is closely connected with modern mobile applications. Whether you just need to register, log in or like a post, you will probably need to enter your account. At the same time, it is a good way to extend the circles of social media users offering them various features and options.

It goes without saying that a mobile application is a necessity for every company respecting itself and wishing to thrive in future. In addition, it is a step forward from your competitors and improved user experience. These 20 reasons confirm the significance of ordering mobile app development for businesses and can be hardly questioned by anyone.

The author of this article is Vlad Pshenychka, a freelance blogger working now for Artjoker, a software development company that specializes in startups launch including Mobile and web development. Our goal is to turn clients’ ideas only to excellent results!

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